5 Things Every Recruiters want to see on a Resume

Recruiters are your professional matchmakers. They have the power to put you in touch with the job that could change your life. They can also move your career to the next step. Recruiters shrewd analysts of behavior, researchers, data devotees, and seasoned sales and marketing professionals. They use all these tools to put the right bodies in the right jobs. Recruiters would scan through your CV to determine how much of these skills and experiences you possess.

This article on 5 things every Recruiters want to see on a Resume takes a look into the salient points that must be captured in a curriculum vitae by a graduate or job seeker to land that dream job. Go through these five questions reflectively as they are very revealing.

  1. What are the first things hiring managers look for in a CV?

To start with, job recruiters and hiring managers receive very large volumes of applications for limited job openings. Be that as it may,  recruiters have a clear cut list of the requisite skills and experiences they need for the job.

Recruiters would scan through your CV to determine how much of these skills and experiences you possess. Whether the recruiting manager reads on is dependent on how much of these qualities they discover at a glance. This would also determine whether you receive a call from the hiring manager for your submitted CV.

The recruiter would then read on for the required educational background and relevant or related job experience. Furthermore, a great desire for the work and readiness to work in the job location would be taken into account.

In view of this, it is necessary as a job seeker to research the required skills and experiences. Once this is done, point them out in your CV. They must be organized in such a way that they can be read off immediately. The first 10 seconds into your CV should make them very clear.

  1. What are the mistakes that put recruiters off in a CV?

Insinuating in any way that you would have loved to work in another sector immediately puts recruiters off. Some people may want to take a job for the meantime before moving on to their dream jobs if the opportunity comes. Indicating this in your CV would be a disaster. It makes the recruiter believe that the job is a plan b for you. Recruiters are looking for employees who have the passion for the job and are ready to work on long term bases.

In the same vein, submitting a CV that is badly formatted and which does not look presentable is a great error. A badly presented CV simply means the applicant may not have desirable attributes. It could be interpreted to mean that the applicant is more interested in the work than he has time to even edit a CV. It could also be interpreted to mean that the applicant is complacent in searching for a job and lacks passion.

Some very common bad presentation mistakes include bad formatting, bad grammar and typographical errors. Also, presenting a CV that is too colorful and contains fonts that are hard to read off is not ideal.

Again, presenting a CV that is either too short or rather too long would prove to be counterproductive. A well writen CV should contain a consistent formatting style with nicely inculcated headings. The CV should also indicate very boldly, achievements and awards received.

  1. What important factors are hiring managers looking for in their potential employees?

It has been observed that employers are looking for potential employees who are focused, purposeful and determined in life. Employers are after fresh graduates or job seekers who have a clear-cut definition of where they desire to start their careers in life. Moreso, if this commitment can be proven exhaustively in a CV backed up with an attractive skills and experiences profile.

If you are not yet sure of the sector you would want to focus on in life, it is advisable to try out different jobs. With this you can identify the area that interests you most. Once this is done, you can then pursue your area of passion. No matter your qualifications or even skills and experiences, if employers do not see a demonstrated zeal and passion for the job advertised you would definitely not be taken. So, passion is equally as important as qualifications.

  1. What are the secrets that actually get applicants noticed in the crowd?

With the volume of applications being received by recruiting managers nowadays it is important to take an extra step in getting yourself noticed. This would require you calling in. With this in mind, it would be a great idea-and even give you an edge over others-to call in to introduce yourself to the advertiser before sending in your CV.

This could be a great cheat on others and could even make hiring managers look forward to receiving your application. With this enthusiasm and expectation created in your potential hirers, a well-crafted and structured professional CV could land you the job.

However, if the call lines are not going through, send in emails. A few messages could register your name in the minds of potential employers. It is also important to send in your CV to their emails directly. Be sure to ask for their emails after submitting your hard copy CV and send in the soft copy there also ( that is, if the employers did not include their email in the job advert).

Again, do not just relax after submitting your CV. Follow up on your CV. You can call in or send messages within two days of submitting your CV. Ensure to use every available means to get feedback from your potential employers. Even if you do not eventually get an invitation for the interview, try to find out the reason. With that in mind, you can make improvements and wait for the next job opportunity.

Also, it would be of  great value to create a LinkedIn profile. In your LinkedIn profile, make a clear description of who you are and your skills and experiences. In short, make a short online CV.

You can also send in your CV to potential employers on LinkedIn. Follow accounts that are related to your industry. Follow updates and always leave comments to get noticed by potential employers. This has also been proven to be very effective as it portrays you as being internet savvy and digitally progressive.

  1. What can applicants do to guarantee that their CV would break through to the next stage?

Many a time, a lot of submitted CVs do not even get any human attention! This is especially true with very large multinational companies. Many very large companies use automated algorithms to sieve out curriculum vitae that contain the keywords in their job description. This is due to the large number of CVs received.

In reaction to this, it is important to capture the necessary keywords used in the job description advertised. This would put you in a good light as it shows that you have a good understanding of the job in view and it’s requirements. The more relevant keywords associated with the job you use in your CV, the more likely it is to progress to the next stage.

Finally, you must not remain in the crowd with the average applicant. Find out what your employers need and assume that personality. Do everything within your reach to communicate this same personality to your potential employers.

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