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How to Format a CV | What to include on a CV | How to write a modern CV

How to Format a CV

How to Format a CV: Proper formatting makes your CV scannable by ATS bots and easy to read for human recruiters. Formatting your CV correctly is necessary to make your document clear, professional and easy to read. CV is the document that provides employers with a detailed account of your …

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Tell Me About Yourself – A Good Answer To This Interview Question

tell me about yourself example answer

Whenever you attend an interview, either face to face or online, the first thing they will say to you is tell me about yourself. Now before we deal with the exact script to use when answering this first interview question. Here are three really important tips to note. Important Tips …

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Learn How to Write a Good Resume – 2021 NEW Template and Examples INCLUDED

Learn How to Write a Good Resume

Are you discouraged by the lack of attention your resume is getting? Do you have a hard time pinpointing your strengths and highlighting your accomplishments? Maybe you’ve always gotten a job through word of mouth and now you need to resume to do the heavy lifting for you. In this …

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What Are Your Strengths and Weakness Interview Questions and Sample Answers

What are your strengths and Weakness?

What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is one of the most common questions you’ll get during an interview when you’re applying for a job. Many find this question pointless, and it is for sure the most disliked job interview question, it’s completely understandable that no candidate would want to …

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Tips To Consider when writing your Resume While Changing Career

Tips To Consider when writing your Resume

While writing your resume, you need to consider tips to convince your potential employee about your new career. HR managers look at some certain things on the resume, you need to consider these things; Tips To Consider when writing your Resume While Changing Career 1. Skills- Changing career requires you …

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Mechanical Technician Resume Sample

Mechanical Technician Resume Samples

Many job applicants struggle to write a resume that they feel confident with and comfortable in sending to job vacancies. There are various reasons for this, with the main ones being a lack of experience in resume writing coupled with a uncertainty of what to actually include in it. A …

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Download Best Free Resume Builder App

best free resume builder app

This resume maker is designed to create the perfect professional resume, so use it to complement your resume at work. It is designed to create a resume with perfect resume templates, and you can use its impressive resume format with 130 + impressive resume formats to create a great resume. …

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