Tips To Consider when writing your Resume While Changing Career

While writing your resume, you need to consider tips to convince your potential employee about your new career. HR managers look at some certain things on the resume, you need to consider these things;

Tips To Consider when writing your Resume While Changing Career

1. Skills-

Changing career requires you to have skills, the skills you have been exhibiting in your previous might not be useful in the new the career you are looking at. You have to consider the skills that are required in this career then you should think of ways you can link them with the skills you’ve acquired in your previous job. Skills like communications, team work, and leadership are skills that are needed in all careers. Flexibility, hard work, been zealous too is skills to consider putting in your resume. However, you should include how you can fit in to the career with all these skills if the new career is a new industry entirely.

2. Work Experience

It is not a bad thing to state your past work experiences, how far you have gone, how you have led a team successfully. Some people may regard this as useless clue but trust me HR managers consider all these experience. These experiences can open a gateway for more opportunities in an entire new career. It is however important to state how you can use your experiences to help the new career. For example, if you have strong communication skills or you were able to lead some team in your previous job, make sure you include it in your resume. Express how you can use these experiences to help the new job attain a greater height.

3. Express why you wanted to change career

When HR personnel see you are changing career totally, so many questions will be running through his mind on why you left your previous job and why considering new career. In your resume, you need to be positive about why you left your job, never say bad thing about your former boss or job. You have to show motivation in you and how you are eager to work in a new industry.

4. Voluntary Service

One of the things that give employer upper hand is if they had volunteer in some organizations. It is very advisable to do voluntary services in an organization that is related with the new career you are considering. It’s not bad to put this voluntary work you have done.

Changing career could be tedious and very possible, all you need to do have been simply explained in this article, you need to restrategise, be more hard working, and prepare for the best.

I wish you best of luck as you seek career.


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