Starbucks Job Interview Questions and Answers

In this post article, you will learn how to pass Starbucks job interview questions with perfect example answers. So if you are applying for Starbucks manager, Starbucks shift supervisor, Starbucks barista or any vacancy whatsoever, make sure you follow up this article well. You will also learn Starbucks behavioral interview questions and answers.

To pass your interview and to achieve your goal, below is what this article will cover.

  • A list of Starbucks job interview questions that you need to prepare for.
  • Brilliant, unique answers to those Starbucks interview questions.
  • Some tips on how you can be the standout candidate.

Starbucks Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question #1: Tell me about yourself or Introduce yourself.

So the first question is going to be either tell me about yourself or introduce yourself.

Tip – This first Starbucks job interview question gives you the chance to showcase the skills and qualities you have that will help you to be a great addition to the Starbucks team. Make sure you focus on your ability to provide great customer service and the fact you are also a fast learner.

So below is an example answer to that first Starbucks job interview question, “tell me about yourself or introduce yourself”.

Answer: “I am a positive, happy and supportive person who wants to work in a busy environment alongside other like-minded professionals who are all working together to achieve a common goal.

Over the years, I’ve built up experience in serving customers, following rules and procedures and being flexible and adaptable, which I understand are important skills needed to work here at Starbucks.

I believe I will be a great addition to the Starbucks team because I am a strong team worker, I will always put the needs of the team first, I can provide excellent customer service. I am a fast learner and you can rely on me to be a positive role model for the Starbucks brand whilst I’m going about my day-to-day duties”.

That is a brilliant answer, very positive in nature and you are also giving the hiring manager all the skills and qualities that are needed to work and succeed at Starbucks. Starbucks job interview questions and answers

Question #2: Why Starbucks? Why do you want to work at Starbucks?

Tip – Now, this Starbucks job interview question is exploring what has attracted you to their brand and your own personal reasons for wanting to work for this great organization, because to work at Starbucks is a great opportunity.

Answer: “Starbucks is simply the best at what it does. This means I will receive great training, I will work with other happy and positive people, and Starbucks is a place I can stay working at for a long period of time, providing I carry out my duties to a high standard, which I am confident I will do.

The atmosphere in Starbucks stores is another attraction; the staff are all polite and the baristas always go out of their way to provide great service, great tasting coffee and food, and they make sure you’ve had a pleasant experience in store.

Starbucks is great what it does, and this will give me a solid foundation from which I can develop and build my career.”

That’s a fantastic and really strong answer to that Starbucks job interview questions.

Question #3: How would you provide top quality customer service, whilst working at Starbucks?

Tip – Now, alongside teamwork, customer service is the most important quality needed to work at this great organization (Starbucks). The customer has to feel welcome, valued, and their drinks and food must be served to a quality standard and in a timely manner.

Answer: “I would provide top quality service by doing seven important things. First of all, I will make sure I always follow my training and that I represent the Starbucks brand in a positive manner. I would welcome customers to the store with a smile and a positive gesture.

I will serve them quickly and talk to them whilst they are waiting to receive their drinks and food. Just by asking people how their day is going is one way to make customers feel valued. I will answer any questions I had about drinks, food or allergies quickly and professionally, and I will serve their drinks and food in a presentable manner that shows I care.

Finally, I will wish them good day and say that I looked forward to seeing them in store again very soon.”

So that shows that you are fully understandable of what is needed to provide top quality service. That’s nice answer because you are focusing on the set number of things, which in this case are seven. So it shows that you are knowledgeable about how to provide top quality service.

Question #4: How would you deal with a difficult customer whilst working for Starbucks?

Tip – Now, your ability to respond positively to difficult situations is an important aspect of working in customer service based roles.

Answer: “Whilst dealing with difficult customers, I would ensure I remembered I am representing the Starbucks brand, and on that basis I would need to be calm, professional and considerate.

I would listen to the customer to find out what the problem is. I would then ask them questions to clarify the exact issue. I would apologize for any issues that had arisen, and I would look to resolve any complaint or problem quickly and diligently.

At all times it is important to be positive when dealing with customers as this can make them feel valued, listened to, appreciated and cared for.

If whilst dealing with a customer I had problems resolving the issue, I would speak to my supervisor or the store manager for advice and guidance. Finally, I would always make sure I followed my Starbucks training.”

That’s a perfect answer of how to deal with difficult or complaining customers.

Question #5: Tell me a time in the past when you demonstrated that you are good at teamwork.

Tip – So this is a good interview question that assesses your ability to work as part of a team. As you and I know, working together to complete a challenging task is an important quality needed at Starbucks. Make sure you give a specific situation you’ve been in where you went out of your way to help your team.

Answer: “On a previous work placement, the company supervisor came into the office at 4:20pm, and said an urgent task needed to be completed.

He needed for people to stay beyond late after work to help with a large delivery that was due. I immediately volunteered to stay behind with three other people, and after giving us his brief, we discussed how each of us would help to get the team task completed as quickly as possible once that delivery had arrived.

It was agreed that my role would be to count and check the stock as it left the delivery van; another two people would unpack the goods, and the final person would store it all away in a safe place. Once the delivery arrived, it took us only 30 minutes to unload, check, unpack and store away all the goods.

Now, by working as a team, supporting each other and maintaining positive communication, we were able to achieve our goal very quickly and to a high standard.”

Now, that answer is great because you are given a specific situation you’ve been in where you’ve worked as part of a team. It also shows you are volunteering to stay behind late after work, which shows you are flexible and adaptable too, which is an attractive quality to the Starbucks hiring manager.

I believe you have learned something from this article. I wish you all the best for passing your Starbucks interview.

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