5 Tough Interview Questions and Answers

In this post article you will learn how to answer 5 really tough and difficult interview questions. If you can answer these interview questions correctly, then your chances of success during your job interview will literally skyrocket. So make sure you read this article very well and take notes of each of the 5 Tough Interview Questions and Answers.


So let’s get straight into the 5 Tough Interview Questions and Answers.

Question #1: Why do you want to leave your job? Or they may say to you, why did you leave your previous job?

Either way, when you answer this difficult interview question, do not be negative in any way about your previous employer, your work colleagues or your manager, because if you are negative about them, you are less likely to get hired. Now, when you answer this interview question, always be positive, but answer it in two parts.

“The first part is to tell the interviewer what you’ve learned while you’ve been in the position.  So you could say I am leaving my position because I feel like I’ve reached my full potential. I have learned so many brilliant things whilst in my job. I’ve learned how to be a supportive team worker. I’ve learned the importance of being a creative problem solver. I’ve also learned the importance of treating customers well to make sure they come back to the business time and time again.

However, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve reached my full potential and I am now seeking new employment with an organization such as yours, where I will get to learn new skills and I will get to put the things I’ve already learned into practice. I also want to be with an exciting and ambitious employer who has great plans for the future.”

Question #2: Describe yourself in three words.

That’s a really difficult interview question to answer, because which three words do you give? Well, my first tip is to definitely not say you are hardworking, conscientious and professional because the majority of people will use those three words. We need to give the interviewer three words that they are going to find appealing.

Now, the three recommended words that you can give are:

  • I am commercially aware,
  • I am loyal and
  • I am driven.

Those are three brilliant words that make you stand out from the competition. But that’s not all, you then need to go one step further when answering the question, describe yourself in three words. So give the three words, but then explain why those are relevant to you.

  • So I would say I am commercially aware and that means that I understand that in order for your business to be successful, I need to carry out my duties on time and to a very high standard.
  • I am a loyal person, which means that I will always act as a positive role model for your company and I plan to stay working for you for a long period of time.
  • Finally, I am a driven person. I am a self starter and that means that I will learn the role quickly. I will get up and running fast and I will always work very hard to help the organization move forward and I will take responsibility for my own professional development.

So those are three great words to use when answering the question, describe yourself in three words.

Question #3: How do you handle criticism?

That’s a really difficult interview question to answer correctly. Don’t say in your response to the question, “I’m a perfectionist”, “I never have to deal with criticism or feedback”. That’s the worst thing you can say. You need to be positive about how you handle criticism.

So start off and say, “I always view criticism and feedback as an opportunity for me to improve and develop. I enjoy learning from other people.

Then go one step further and give the interviewer an example of when you have taken on board feedback or criticism from somebody else. See an example below

“In my previous role, my manager called me one day and he said to me he was really pleased with my performance. However, there was one area that he wanted me to improve on, and that was whilst I was dealing with customers.

He said I was taking too long to deal with the customers on the telephone. He explained that I needed to work quickly, work through the customers in a faster manner because our customers were waiting on the telephone and they needed my support to. I took on board his feedback. I went away and I analyzed my performance and I made sure that I speeded up whilst dealing with customers.”

Question #4: What is your biggest weakness?

This is really going to come out during your interview and how you answer it could be the difference between success or failure. First tip is to always make sure you do give a weakness. Do not say I don’t have any weaknesses; I am a perfectionist because if you say that you are less likely to get hired.

So always give a weakness, but choose a weakness that is not a match for the job you are applying for. Below is a great way to answer this question.

“I am aware of my weaknesses and my biggest weakness is the fact that I find it really difficult to say no to people.

In the past, this has meant that I’ve sometimes taken on too much work and I become overwhelmed. I need to learn to be more mindful in situations like this. So when somebody asks for my help, I will always analyze my current workload to see if I do have the capacity to take on the extra work.”

So that’s a great way to answer that difficult interview question, what’s your biggest weakness?

Question #5: How would you deal with conflict with a coworker?

Now, if the interviewer asks you this question, do not fall into the trap of saying, “I would ask my manager for advice on how to deal with the conflict”. That’s not the way to answer this question.

You should, first of all, say that you will always take action to resolve the conflict yourself. You should say that you understand that any form of conflict can have negative consequences on the overall performance of a team. So you would try and resolve it quickly.

So that’s really 5 tough and difficult interview questions and tips on how to answer them so you can pass your interview.

Thanks for reading this post article and I wish you all the best for passing your interview.

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