How To Write a Cover Letter For Scholarship Application

Are you applying for a Scholarship?  Have you got you scholarship application ready? What about your cover letter for a scholarship? Have your drafted your scholarship cover letter? In case you are looking for some tips or guidelines on how to write a cover letter for a Scholarship, you have reached the right place. Learn how to write a cover letter for scholarship application.

If you are trying to gain a scholarship that will enhance your personal goals, you need to understand how to write a cover letter for a scholarship. While is isn’t that difficult, there are a few guidelines you should follow to make certain your letter gets read.

Below, you will find a few tips that will help you create a professional cover letter that demonstrates your eagers and appreciation for the recipient consideration. You will also see some good examples that can assist you achieve a successful cover letter for your scholarship application.

Screening panels go through hundreds of applications and the last thing you need is your application being overlooked.

As more and more students opts for courses in colleges and universities the competition for scholarships is fierce. In order to increase your chances of being awarded the scholarship, it is essential that you write a good cover letter for scholarship.

Now, before start writing the cover letter, let first look at some important writing tips. How To Write a Cover Letter For Scholarship Application.

Writing Tips For Scholarship Application

  • Suitable Font (CALIBRI, ARIAL, TIMES NEW ROMAN) & Font Size (10 to 12) / Number of words (300 to 400) & Paragraph (4)
  • Personalize Your Cover Letter / Address Your Letter to Someone (e.g Dear Mr. Young, Dear Doctor Young or Dear Miss Young, etc). If you don’t know to whom you need to address a letter to and send it to the scholarship committee, write something like Dear Scholarship Committee. You can also include the name of the chairperson and the committee (for example Dear Mr. Young and Scholarship Committee).
  • Emphasize on Important Skills and Personal Traits: You don’t simply list these qualifications like you do in your resume. You need to give some context, create your own narrative using personal stories or statements, facts and evidence of your hard work and determination. Relate these to your career and educational goals you wish to pursue.
  • Tone of Voice: Confident, Courteous, Sincere, and Polite. Students often use long, complicated words and sentences because they believe it’s the way to communicate with influential and educated people. But there’s no need to brag. Make sure to express yourself assertively.
  • Avoid: Spelling and Grammar Mistakes / Name and Title Errors (e.g especially when it comes to names and titles of the chairperson, department or organization committees).

Important Things to keep in Mind Before Drafting A Cover Letter For Scholarship Application

Contact Information

Cover Letter For Scholarship Application

The contact details is the first section of your cover letter, the contact details should be in the upper left side of your letter and must include Your Name, Your Email Address, Your Contact Number and Your Address.


This section is used to address the concerned person/persons. It is recommended that you personalize the letter.

First Paragraph: Introduction

The introduction section is important to make good impression on the scholarship panel. This section should explain who you are, the scholarship you are interested in, and how you discovered the opportunity.

Second Paragraph: Skills & Accomplishments

This section of a cover letter for scholarship seekers should highlight why you are qualified for the position focusing on your skills and accomplishments,

Final Paragraph: Closing

The final paragraph or section is the closing, here you need to thank the panel for the opportunity to apply for the scholarship and thank them for the time they took out to go through your application.

Sample Example of Cover Letter for Scholarship Application

How To Write a Cover Letter For Scholarship Application


Keep your cover letter short, concise and to the point, don’t exceed the one page document. The sample example of cover letter for scholarship application above touched important writing tips for a scholarship application.


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