What are the Most Common Interview Questions and Answers?

Interview Questions and Answers: In this post article you will learn exactly how to answer some of the most common difficult interview questions asked during job interviews. What are the most common interview questions and answers? Many people have been asking that particular question, today we will discuss very intensively on common interview questions and top-scoring answers. Interview Questions and Answers.

So if you have an interview coming up for any role or any organization whatsoever, make sure you read this article very well because it will help you to pass it.

What are the 10 most common interview question and answers?

Below are most Common Interview Questions and Answers

Question #1: Tell me about yourself.

This is one of the most common job interview questions.

Example Answer: “Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for this position today. Before I applied for the role I read the job description in detail to make sure that I already had the necessary skills, the qualities and the experience to perform highly within the position.

I am a self motivated person, I am a self starter, and that means that you won’t need to constantly monitor or supervise me moving forward. I am very good at collaborating with other people. I’m very good at dealing with customers. I can manage multiple tasks and projects, and I’m also very good at working under pressure.

I would also consider myself to be a high achiever. So for example, in my previous role, I was praised by my manager for coming up with an innovative way to help the business increase sales. So I’d been dealing with customers on the telephone and a lot of time they would ask whether they could leave an online review.

But at the time we didn’t actually have the facility to do so. So I made a recommendation to my manager and I suggested that we should set up an online customer review platform where customers could leave feedback about their experience after using our company.

After that platform has been set up, we noticed that sales started to increase significantly, and that was because potential customers could read about the online reviews that our loyal customers had left and more often than not, those reviews were very positive.

I am the type of person that if you employ me, I will always Act as a positive role model for your company. I will embrace change positively, and I will always take responsibility for my own ongoing professional development.”

Question #2: Can you tell me why you want to work for us?

Example Answer: “I would like to work for you for three main reasons. Before I applied for this position, I carried out lots of research to make sure that I am somebody who could contribute positively to your company.

So the first reason I want to work for you is because I believe you have a very impressive track record of achievement that tells me that you are likely to continue with your success. And because we spend so much time at work, I want that time to be put to really good use with a productive organization.

The second reason why I want to work for you is because I’m looking for long term employment with the same company, and I genuinely believe this is a company where I can become an established and highly productive team member who is contributing to the ongoing commercial and financial goals.

Finally, I want to work for your organization because you have ambitious plans for the future. I read those on your website and also on your social media channels. I am an ambitious person, too, and I believe that my own values will be strongly aligned with your values and your inclusive culture that you employ within the company.”

Question #3: What’s your greatest achievement?

Example Answer: “I would say my greatest achievement was in a previous role where I trained up three new members of staff within one week. Now, it was a particularly busy period for our company, and our manager came into the office and he asked for a volunteer to train up three new members of staff who were about to join the organization.

I’m always motivated by a challenge, but I’m particularly motivated when there’s a time limit involved. So I said, Yes, I I will be the one to carry out that training.

Now to achieve my objective, I first of all, carried out a quick assessment of where each team member was in terms of the skills, the qualities and the knowledge they had. I then put together a development action plan of what I needed to teach them over the week to get them up to speed.

Then finally, I spent time with each team member teaching them what to do, showing them individual tasks, and then assessing them to make sure that they were fully up to speed. And I’m pleased to say at the end of the week, all three of them were fully trained up.

Now, this was a particularly good achievement of mine because at the same time, I had to carry out my own regular duties, and I did that by staying behind late after work to make sure my own tasks were completed as well.

So it was a great achievement because those three team members were fully trained up and they started contributing to the team’s goal straight away.”

Question #4: Can you describe yourself in three words?

Example Answer: “The three words that I would use to describe myself are results orientated, evolving and energetic.

So I am results orientated because I will come into this role and I won’t just carry out my normal day to day duties. I will actually strive to add value to your company and achieve results time and time again.

I am somebody who is evolving and what I mean by that is I want to grow with your company as it progresses. I have my own personal goals outside of work and I know that I will only achieve those if I perform really well within my job. So I will progress as your company grows.

Finally, I would say that I am energetic. I believe I have a positive nature. I always view things positively and I believe that energetic and enthusiasm always rubs off positively on other team members.”

Question #5: What are your strengths?

Example Answer: “I have numerous strengths that I believe are going to be a benefit to your organization. The first strength is the fact that I am commercially aware. So what I mean by that is I understand that for your company to stay at the forefront of this industry needs people like me to carry out their duties on time to high standard and to always make sure that I progress professionally within the role.

Other strengths include the fact that I am a loyal person. So I am seeking longterm employment with the same company and I will always Act as a positive role model for your company when dealing with customers and I will always represent the company brand positively whilst carrying out my responsibilities.

The other strength that I have that I believe will be of benefit to your company is the fact that I always embrace change positively. So I understand that for a company to carry on growing, it needs to change all the time and I’ll be the type of employee who will embrace change and encourage other people within the team to do it positive as well.

So I believe those strengths will add significant value to your company.”

Question #6: What’s your biggest weakness?

I would say my biggest weakness is the fact that I don’t feel very confident when talking in front of groups of people. This is an area that I am keen to improve and develop upon and to do so I actually purchased a book a few months ago on Amazon about how to increase confidence whilst public speaking and also if there are any opportunities within this organization for me to develop those skills that I certainly would be willing to undertake them.

Question #7: Can you tell me why you want to leave your current job?

Example Answer: “I simply want to leave my current job because I feel that I have reached my full potential in the role. My employer has been amazing. We’ve achieved lots of great things together, but I am now ready for a fresh challenge with an innovative and forward thinking company such as yours.

I will leave my employer on really good terms. We’ve achieved so many great things together, but I am now ready, as I say, for a fresh challenge where I can put all the skills and qualities that I have developed to good use and also at the same time, learn some new ones.”

Question #8: Can you now tell me how you would deal with conflict with a co-worker?

Example Answer: “I would deal with conflict with a co-worker by first of all, trying to resolve it myself. I believe as a responsible employee, you should always try and resolve conflict amongst yourselves because your manager or your supervisor has more important things to do.

So I would first of all, assess whether I were doing something to contribute to the conflict, and I would then speak to the other person, amicably and professionally to find out whether we could reach a compromise to resolve the conflict.

And at all times while dealing with the conflict, I would have the organization’s objectives at the forefront of my mind because at the end of the day, any form of conflict can have negative consequences within a team.

If we try to resolve the conflict and we weren’t able to do so, only then would I speak to my supervisor or manager to ask for guidance.”

Question #9: Can you tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure. What was the situation, and how did you get through it?

Tip to Answer – The best way to answer this difficult behavioral interview question is to give a situation you were in when you had to work to a strict timescale. If you add a time pressure to the answer, it will be appealing to the vast majority of employers and hiring managers. Interview Questions and Answers

Question #10: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Tip to Answer – When answering this common interview question, put yourself in the shoes of the employer. What do they want to hear from your answer? They want to hear three things:

  • That you will still be working for them in five years’ time.
  • That you will have developed to become a highly-trusted and productive member of their team.
  • That you will help other people to get up to speed when they join the company.

Question #11: Why should we hire you?

Tip to Answer – When you answer this common but difficult interview question, it is important to use the following three phrases:

  • Add value
  • Commercially-aware
  • Fast-learner

I wish you success in your job interviews.

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