Can Resume Be 2 Pages? Answered

Ever wondered, can resume be 2 pages? We answered this in this article. The length of your resume/curriculum vitae is a very important part that must be handled appropriately in order to maintain a maximum 2-page well-structured document. It is important to keep your Resume/CV within the required length while also capturing all necessary information. All the same, maintaining this requirement could come with different levels of difficulty. This would depend on your stage in terms of your career.

You could be at two extremes, either as a fresh graduate or as a well-experienced expert in your field. As a fresh graduate, you could be faced with the challenge of lack of experience to fill up your CV. On the other hand, as an expert, you could be full of zest to outline your thorough knowledge, skills, and experiences that your Resume/CV almost elongates a storybook.

Can a Resume Be 2 Pages? Answered!

If your Resume/CV encompasses two pages, don’t overthink it. Just focus on the content on those two pages to make your skills and experiences shine. If you’re so focused on condensing your resume/cv into one page, you may miss opportunities in your resume/cv to get specific and highlight tangible things that are meaningful to prospective employers.

When putting together a two-page resume/cv, make sure to follow the general guidelines for putting together an effective resume/cv of any kind: Be clear and concise, use the right format, include keywords and phrases drawn from job descriptions, and highlight your in-demand skills. And remember that while it can help to have a longer resume, it isn’t mandatory. This does not mean you must make your resume/cv two pages long. If you have enough material to legitimately give yourself two pages worth of a resume/cv, go for it.

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This article was written in response to this dilemma; can resume be 2 pages? The five points raised would prove to be very useful.

Can a Resume Be 2 Pages? Answered!

1. Deciding on the number of pages

There is no hard and fast rule in reaching a conclusion on the number of pages to include in a CV. Yet, it is best to maintain just two pages in your CV although opinions may vary. This is because it has become common knowledge that recruiters spend just about 6 seconds assessing each CV. In view of this, it is necessary to capture their attention immediately.

Boring recruiters with 5-page autobiography is an onerous task nobody might be prepared to go through. A potential employer would be too busy to throw away valuable time on such an unprofitable venture. Still, restricting yourself to half a page of an A4 paper may not be enough to sell any meaningful skill set convincingly.

The best way to overcome this is to plan ahead of time on the best style and format to implement. Go through the job description and decide on which skills to add and which to leave out.

Keep your document concise and clear within two pages. It is important to create a document that catches the eyes, mentions details, and is straight to the point.

2. Handling old roles and positions

If you have a career that has been built and developed over a long period of time, odds are that you have gathered so many skills, knowledge, and experience. In this case, it could be difficult to restrain yourself to just two pages. All you need now is FOCUS!

Before applying for a job in Canada, the United States, or internationally, study the job description in view very diligently. Match up your previous engagements and experiences with the job in view. This will help you determine which are best related to the job in view. Hence, it becomes unnecessary to include every previous role. Rather, tailor your application towards the most relevant roles held previously.

Even if you had a successful stint with a job from 20 years ago, if it is not related, then don’t add it. Yet, do not leave a wide chasm unexplained in your CV. It could raise questions as to your competence and expertise.

If you must include less relevant roles in your CV, it is best to simply limit them to the dates of such employment. You may also include the company name, employment title, and just a line or two regarding the job.

3. Handling a state of inexperience

Most fresh graduates or people who just left colleges, find it very difficult to even draw up a two-page CV.

First, it is important to remember that you do not necessarily have to fill two pages in your CV. Just try as much as possible to get your CV span across two pages even if not filling it completely. It would be beneficial to start by pointing out your education and area of specialization or causes taken. Describe the modules you may have covered or courses taken that have adequately prepared you for the job in view.

Such theoretical or practical (as the case may be) experiences if properly highlighted can even be equated to field works if properly examined. For example, if you are applying for a United Arab Emirates job in a civil engineering firm, pointing out a civil engineering degree would be more relevant and helpful than a practical sandwich experience in a civil engineering firm.

4. Handling relevant roles that are not recent

You could be confronted with a relevant role from 25 years back. Obviously, this is not a recent experience. You could be afraid that since such experiences appear a long way off, including them could raise the dust as to whether you are still adept in the included skills.

This is, especially, so since you have not been practicing in that line for quite some time. This is also a reason to adapt CVs to a particular job in view by only highlighting the relevant skills in your arsenal.

In order not to appear to have been idle for long, you can include your recent positions. In this case, since they are not very relevant, you can just mention the position, the company worked for, and dates of employment.

After this, commit the bulk of your CV towards highlighting the most relevant old roles and skills acquired. A curriculum vitae is majorly a marketing piece. So, restrain yourself to the most relevant roles that are actually tailored towards the job in view.

5. Handling most cherished hobbies

The efficient use of space over a two page CV is very important. Space is a constraint and should be maximized to point out your ideal strength to a hiring manager. Therefore, do not waste limited space trying to tell recruiters how good you are at skiing.

You should overlook your hobbies when applying for a United Arab Emirates job. You only include an important hobby if it is related in any way to the job you are applying for. Otherwise, they are better left out.

It is not uncommon to come across CVs that lose focus on the second page. This is usually the case when job seekers attempt filling their CV with just any information at all to make it cover two pages. If you discover that you have exhausted your relevant skill set by the middle of the second A4 page, end it there.

Do not begin to tell personal stories that would rather bore your employer when applying for a job around the world. Only point out hobbies when they are relevant. For instance, volunteer works and charity engagements can be important hobbies to include.

can a resume be 2 pages.

In Summary

Now you know the answer to the question, can resume be 2 pages? Look at the position you’re applying for and then work out what experience, education, and qualifications you want to add. Design this over two pages, so you create an eye-catching and punchy Resume/CV that is easy to read. Two (2) pages will give you enough space to do this but also keep the document concise and to the point.

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