CV for Someone with No Experience or Qualifications | Skills For CV with No Experience

Key Skills For CV with No Experience: You are a school leaver or fresher, entry level candidate, and you have no experience or qualification yet? The key for a candidate with no relevant work experience is to recognise these transferable skills and highlight them in their CV.

In this article, you will learn those key skills that you need for submission of your CV with no experience.

CV for Someone with No Experience or Qualifications

When you leave school or university, and you apply for your first job, it is very likely that you will have to submit a first-time resume or CV.

The purpose of this is so the employer can assess that you are suitable for the role and the organisation, before putting you forward for an interview, or the next stage of the selection process.

You will also be required to include any relevant work experience and skills that you have demonstrated in the past.

However, as a school leaver or fresher, it is likely you do not have any work experience to add. So, what do we do? Should you Give up? Of course not!

We need to focus on our transferable skills and achievements from other areas of our life, such as course work, school work, your personal achievements and your time at university if applicable.

Listed below are some of the transferable skills you could include:

  • Be safety-conscious and able to operate under safety-critical conditions.
  • Be responsible for your actions at all times and act with honesty and integrity.
  • Follow and adhere to rules, procedures, and operational practices.
  • An ability to learn and absorb large amounts of job-specific information.
  • Be a great communicator and be able to communicate verbally and in writing.
  • Have collaborated with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Take responsibility for your own personal and professional development.
  • Maintain your own suitable levels of physical and mental fitness.
  • Be able to react calmly in pressurised situations.


Below are some advice you should heed to in other to submit a perfect CV for job with no experience:

  1. Read the job description and find the essential skills

To give yourself the best chance of success, you will need to read the job description thoroughly to understand the skills and attributes required for the role. Also, ensure you find out the organisation’s values. Once you have all of this information, ensure your CV is tailored to match it.

  1. Match the Skills

Once you have determined the required skills, competencies, and values for the position you are applying for, write them down. Have you ever had a similar related experience to the skill being assessed? If yes, then make a note of it as you can implement this as part of your CV. This could be from any area of your life, school, university, hobbies, interests or free time.

  1. Understand the Personal Requirements

Ensure you read the job description fully for any specific organisation requirements.

  1. Know what is on your CV

If you are successful in getting through the CV stage, the potential employer will retain your CV and will refer to it during the selection process. You should remember that, if you say you are good at something on your CV, you will be asked to back those claims up with evidence at the interview.

For example, if you write on your CV that you are “totally customer-focused and will always uphold the values and service standards of the company” you will most probably have to provide examples of when you have already demonstrated these claims, during your interview.

I hope you found this article title, “CV for Someone with No Experience or Qualifications” very helpful.

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