5 Tips to Overcome Interview Nerves

In this post article you will learn how to overcome interview nerves. A lot of people have really get nervous on/during their job interview. Well, in this article you will learn 5 really important tips that will help bring your nerve levels down considerably and help you to perform to a really high level. So what are the Tips to Overcome Interview Nerves?

Let’s get straight into it and you are going to learn 5 perfect tips that will really help you to overcome interview nerves.

5 Tips to Overcome Interview Nerves

Tip #1: Stop treating it as an interview, treat it as a meeting between you and a potential employer.

Now, the word interview puts the fear into people and believe it or not, it is you who is increasing your own interview nerves because of what’s going on up here. You need to change your mindset and one way you can do that is to start treating interview as a meeting between you and a potential employer.

Tip #2: Make sure you carry out some research into the company you are applying to join.

Now we know that one of the questions you are going to get asked is “tell me what you know about our company” and if you can’t answer that question confidently, you will not get hired. All of these tips are designed to help boost your confidence.

So they’re going to say to you, “Tell me what you know about our company”. So what you need to do is:

(i) Go on their website, find out about their products and their services, what do they sell, what do they do, and also find out a little bit of historical information about the company like When did they start, who owns the company, and where do they operate from.

(ii) Make sure you follow the company on social media. Have a look at their latest social media posts. What have they been posting about on Facebook, on Twitter, and also have a look to see if they have a LinkedIn corporate page, because then you can say I follow you on social media and I noticed recently you’ve been carrying out the following things. That would tell them that you have an interest in their company and you have also carried out some research.

Tip #3: Make sure you download a copy of the job description, read the job description, and have a look at the key requirements of the role.

This is really important and it will help you to stand out from the other candidates. Now, the job description is essentially the blueprint of what the hiring manager or the employer is looking for in the successful candidate.

Now, the vast majority of people who attend interviews don’t even know what the job description is, but you’re going to be different. Again, this will help to boost your confidence levels. Get a copy of the job description and read it and have a look what they are looking for.

Now, more often than not, they will be looking for certain skills such as team working, being able to work under pressure, being able to communicate effectively, and also being able to provide excellent customer service.

So if you know what they are looking for, you can talk about the different skills you have that are a match for the job description and also be prepared for interview questions that focus on the job description.

So if it says on the job description, the successful candidate will be required to deliver customer service to a certain standard. They will definitely ask you the question, “Tell me about a time when you provided excellent customer service”. So downloading that job description enables you, it empowers you to think about the questions they are going to ask you during your interview.

Tip #4: We know the first interview question they are going to ask you at your interview is “tell me about yourself”. This is really important. So whether you have a face to face interview or you have an interview online, a virtual interview, the first question they will say is “Tell me about yourself”.

Now, of course, it makes perfect sense for you to prepare an answer to that first interview question, because that then will give you the confidence for the rest of the interview.

If you are stumbling when they say to you, Tell me about yourself, this will increase your interview nerves. So my advice is to prepare a really good answer to the question, Tell me about yourself that you know off by heart, and it then sets you up with confidence for the rest of the interview.

Now, a great format to follow, a great format to remember when you answer the question, “Tell me about yourself” is SEAT. You can remember this format because when you go into your interview, you will be sitting in a seat.

S is for the skills that you have that are relevant to the role.

E is for experience, previous work experience that you have that is applicable to the role. Now, if this is your first job, instead of talking about experience, you could talk about educational qualifications.

A is achievements. What achievements have you gained in your life so far?

And T is the type of person you are. Tell them you are the type of person who’s going to come into this role and you’re going to make a significant impact. You will Act as a positive role model for their company and you’re going to do a really good job.

Now, if you want to find out a model answer to the interview question, Tell me about yourself, then Click the link here because I have an article with a brilliant answer that you are going to want to check out.

Tip #5: Make sure that you have got some questions lined up to ask at the end of the interview.

Now this is where a lot of candidates let themselves down. We know that when you get to the end of the interview, the interviewer is going to say to you that’s the end of the interview. Do you have any questions for us?

Now, a lot of candidates say it’s okay, you answered everything for me, I have no questions. That is a mistake because this is your opportunity to further show that you are the right candidate for the job.

So we have to ask smart questions. Now, I recommend you ask 3 or 4 questions that put you across in a positive light, and they are also focused on not you but on the company.

So let now look at four really smart questions that you can ask at the end of your interview to impress the hiring manager.

The questions to ask at the end of your interview

Question 1: What advice would you give to the successful candidate who wants to do a really good job in this position?

So that’s a really good question because it shows that you are wanting to do really well within the company, but you are asking them for advice. That’s a smart question to ask.

Question 2: What’s the culture like here within this company?

So that’s a smart question because you are trying to find out what the companies like to work for, and it enables the interview or the hiring manager to talk about their company, which is something they should love doing.

Question 3: What challenges are your company facing right now and how can I help you overcome them in this role?

That’s a smart question because you are preparing yourself to be in the position and every company has challenges, but you are asking what you can do to help overcome them. So it’s a very smart question to ask.

Question 4: What would you need me to concentrate on in this role, within the first 30 days of starting?

Again you are visualizing yourself in the role and you are getting them to visualize you in the role as well and you are asking, what do you need me to concentrate on in the role within the first 30 days.

So there’s four really smart questions that you can pick from to ask within your interview at the end, when they say to you as the end of the interview, do you have any questions for us?

So there we have five really good tips to help you overcome interview nerves and don’t being successful at an interview is all about preparation. So it doesn’t matter whether you have an interview coming up tomorrow or within a few days, you can still carry out plenty of preparation.

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