How to Answer “What Makes You Unique” Interview Question

You are halfway through your job interview, and it’s going really well. Then, the interviewer or hiring manager ask you this question, “WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE?” How do you answer this question to make yourself stand out from the other candidates?

If you have a job interview coming up soon for any role or company, make sure you read this article from beginning to end because it will give you the perfect answer.

What Makes You Unique Interview Question

To help you pass your job interview, this article will cover three things:

  • Reasons why the hiring manager is asking you the interview question, what makes you unique? If you understand why the question is being asked, it enables you to give the perfect top-scoring answer!
  • The BEST WAY to answer this difficult interview question that is guaranteed to impress the hiring manager! Remember: if you answer this question poorly you will not GET HIRED!
  • 3 brilliant top-scoring answers in a live interview. You can choose which answer option you think is the strongest and best for you.


The hiring manager is asking you this interview question because they want to find out what they are going to get in return for the monthly salary they will pay you.

Remember, there are thousands of average employees out there but the hiring manager wants to take someone on in the role who will ADD SIGNIFICANT VALUE to their business.


The best way to answer the interview question, what makes you unique, is to think of 4 things that make you stand out from everyone else. Let look at some examples to help you.

  • Is to say the thing that makes you unique is your level of BUSINESS ACUMEN.

If you have business acumen it means you understand that you must work hard to help their business grow, improve, and to save money too!

It also means you have a basic understanding of how a business works. A business can only be successful if its employees are high achieving, and they are willing to improve and embrace change with a positive mindset.

  • Is to say the thing that makes you unique is your level of knowledge, technical expertise, or experience within your area of specialism.

If they hire you, they will be getting someone that has a higher level of knowledge and competence compared to the average employee.

  • Is to say the thing that makes you unique is the fact that you always get more work done than the average person.

If they take you on in the role, they will be getting a better return on their investment than all the other candidates!

  • Is to say the thing that makes you unique is the fact that you always go above and beyond what is expected.

Whether it’s working extra hours to help the company when needed, or going above and beyond for customers to make their experience a better one, you are the type of person who always goes above and beyond in your work!

Let look at some perfect answers that you can use to that tough but common interview question, “What makes you Unique.” You can decide which one of the answers you want to use in your job interview.

What Makes You Unique Sample Answers

Below are the perfect example answers to this interview question, “what makes you unique?”

Question: What Makes You Unique?


“I believe there are four things that make me unique and help me to stand out from the competition. The first thing is the fact that I already have the necessary skills and qualities to come into the role and make a fast and immediate impact.

Before I applied for the role, I downloaded a copy of the job description to make sure that I am able to come into the position and do a really good job for you.

The second thing that makes me unique is the fact that I am naturally a positive person and this always rubs off on other people within the team I am a part of.

Whenever I encounter challenges or problems in my work, I will always focus on what I can do to come out the other end in a successful manner and I will always analyze what has gone wrong to help us improve when moving forward.

The third thing that makes me unique is the fact that I am a very creative person and I will always look for new ideas to help the business to grow, whether it’s new products and services or whether it’s different ways to market those products and services to help increase sales and profitability.

The fourth thing that makes me unique is the fact that I have a track record of achievement. I will always try and help the organization to grow. To give you an example of that, in my previous position, I came up with an idea where I suggested to my manager that we should implement a new online customer review process.

I felt that the products and services that we were selling were really good, but we weren’t celebrating that fact by asking our customers to leave reviews online.

After we went ahead and implemented that review account, the sales started to increase because the trust between the business and the customer improved significantly.”


“Several things make me unique. I have all the skills and qualities needed for this role that are a strong match for the job description. This means I will come into the role, get up to speed quickly and start contributing to the team’s objectives straight away.

I have a good sense of business acumen. This means everything I do will always be focused on helping your business to succeed. I am a creative and innovative problem solver, and I can be left alone to solve challenging team issues to ensure all tasks and projects are completed on time.

Finally, I understand that your business can only thrive if people like me take good care of your customers and clients. In this role, I will always go above and beyond for your customers whilst acting as a positive role model for the company.”


“Several things make me unique, I have a consistent track record of achievement, which means if you hire me, you will see a positive return on your investment. For example in my last role, I worked as part of a team that helped to produce new and innovative ways to increase company sales.

I am somebody who is not afraid of failure. I will constantly look for ways to help your business grow and improve by thinking outside the box and seeing how I can go above and beyond for your customers.

Finally, I am passionate about continuous learning and improvement. This means you will always see the best version of myself possible because I will keep updated with industry developments whilst also taking responsibility for the development of my own skills and qualities.”

All of these answers are very professional in nature, and they are confident and you are using a style of language that will be attractive to all employers and hiring managers. You can choose which out of the three answers you want to use during your job interview.

Thanks for reading this article and I wish you all the best for passing your job interview.

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