TECH COMPANY Interview Questions & Answers

How to PASS a Technical Job Interview: In this guide, you will learn how to pass a tech company job interview. If you are applying for any job role with any tech company whatsoever, make sure you read this article very well because it will help you to pass it. TECH COMPANY Interview Questions & Answers.

Below are things this guide will cover:

  • List of tech company interview questions you need to prepare for.
  • Sample unique answers to those questions to help you succeed.
  • Some really important tips for passing your tech company interview.

TECH COMPANY Interview Questions & Answers

Question #1: Why do you want to work for this tech company?

Tip – This interview question is guaranteed to come up early on during your tech company interview and in your answer demonstrate you have conducted lots of research into their organization.

Here’s a really strong answer to help you pass your interview.

Example Answer:

“I want to work for this tech company for four reasons. The first reason is the fact that having personally used some of your products and services, it is clear you always put the customer first and you are determined to make people’s lives easier and I genuinely find that appealing in a company.

The second reason is because of your constant desire to grow, to learn and to improve. I am somebody who too wants to continually learn and improve and working for you will enable me to do so.

The third reason is the fact that I want to work on varied, challenging and difficult projects. Having researched this role and your company, I understand I will get to work with different teams and departments who are all working towards the same objectives.

Finally, I want to work for this tech company because it is clear from your website and your social media platforms that you take your responsibility seriously. You are socially responsible, you want to make a difference in the world we live in and you promote an inclusive workplace culture.”

That’s a really strong answer because you are not just giving one reason why you want to work for their tech company, you are in fact giving four.

Question #2: What strengths do you think are the most important to work for a tech company?

Tip – This interview question is likely to feature during your tech company interview, and the best way to answer it is to align your strengths with those included on the job description.

Here’s a great answer to help you.

Example Answer:

“There are several strengths needed to work for a tech company. These include being able to collaborate unselfishly with other people, teams, and departments to achieve a combined vision or goal.

You must be an excellent communicator; be able to explain technical problems and ideas with clarity and purpose. You must be commercially aware and possess a good level of business acumen. Decisions made within a tech company at senior level are designed to ensure the company continually thrives, and you must be prepared to always work towards the long term goal or vision of the business.

Finally, to work for a tech company, you must take ownership of problems and issues and be responsible for your continuing professional development.”

That’s a great answer to that question.

Question #3: How would you describe something technical to a non-technical person?

Tip – This question features often during tech company interviews. It is assessing your ability to communicate effectively within teams and also with stakeholders or partners.

Below is a great answer to help you.

Example Answer:

“I would first ascertain their level of knowledge before determining what it is I wanted to describe or explain. I would then use relatable words, phrases, and scenarios that they were familiar with to describe what it was I wanted to explain.

I would use visual explanations that they were all familiar with. For example, if the room was full of people who had a passion for cars, which lots of people do, I would use the constructions of a car as an analogy when describing my technical solution or idea.

For example, I might say: “If you try to imagine a car travelling along the road, the wheels enable the car to travel forward based on their shape. If you apply the same principle to my solution, you will see that object A can move forward because of object B”, or something similar that they can all relate to.

I would also utilize drawings and diagrams, as the visual aspect is far easier to understand and follow. Finally, I would ensure people had the opportunity to ask lots of questions until I was 100% certain the information was understood and retained.”

That a brilliant answer to that Tech common interview question.

Question #4: What have you learned from your previous company or employer?

Tip – You are more likely to get hired for your chosen tech company if you can demonstrate you are somebody who is open to continuous learning and development.

Below is the best way to answer this difficult interview question.

Example Answer:

“I am the type of person who is always open to learning new skills and finding innovative ways to achieve projects goals. Because of this approach, I have learned a tremendous amount in previous positions.

In particular, in my last company, I learned the importance of transparency and honesty when working on projects with teams of people. If you think something is wrong, or if you think somebody is not doing a particular task the most effective way, you must speak up, even if it risks being controversial.

If a tech company is going to maintain its competitive advantage, its staff must collaborate with total honesty and transparency. I also learned how to influence people during projects through effective and concise communication.

If you explain the benefits to the project you are collaborating on of your proposed method of working, you are more likely to achieve the desire outcome.

Finally, I learned the importance of treating people with absolute respect and making sure people have the freedom to work in an inclusive environment that enables them to reach their full potential.”

That’s a really good answer.

Question #5: Tell me about a recent project you worked on.

Tip – Being capable of completing challenging projects within difficult time constraints is part of working for any tech company. Give an answer that shows you are innovative, creative and determined.

Below is a great way to answer this interview question.

Example Answer:

“I was responsible for delivering a challenging project that had a very tight budget and limited staff. To make the project effective, I came up with an idea that enabled me to make use of a pool of talent for specific project-related tasks from around the globe.

Because I was using tried-and-tested outsourcers from different countries, this meant a large portion of the technical project-specific tasks could still be carried out at night whilst I was sleeping.

Each day when I logged on at 5am, I would have already received updates from the project outsources on the progress they were making with their specific area. This ensured the project workflow continued 24 hours a day, which enabled me to get the project completed on time.

In addition to this, the cost for using outsources from some countries was considerably lower than others, which again enabled me to meet the specific financial constraints of the project.”

That’s a really good answer.

Question #6: What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

Tip – When you answer this common tech company interview question, give three unique and appealing words and explain why they would use them to describe you.

Below is a model answer to help you.

Example Answer:

“They would describe me as commercially driven, technically astute, and a creative problem solver.

They would say I am somebody that has always been focused on the commercial objectives of the business I am employed by, and I go out on my way to make sure budgets are adhered to and cost-saving actions are implemented where possible.

They would say I am technically astute because of my experience, and the fact I am always seeking to add to my knowledge base.

Finally, they would say that I am a creative problem solver because I can think outside the box and apply innovative ways of working to overcome projects challenging and issues.”

That’s a really good answer to that interview question.

Those are TECH COMPANY interview questions & the perfect example answers.

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