In this powerful article, you will learn the perfect cover letter for resumes and CVs, top 11 best words to use on a CV or resume and five (5) mistakes you must always avoid when writing CV or resume.

If you are applying for any job role whatsoever, make sure you read this article very because it will help you be successful.

To help you write the perfect cover letter for your resume or CV, below are the things this article will cover:

  • Five (5) mistakes you must always avoid when writing a resume or CV. If you make any of these five mistakes, you will get rejected.
  • 11 best words to use in a CV or resume personal statement.
  • A brilliant example personal statement you can use at the start of your resume or CV.
  • A brilliant attention grabbing cover letter to accompany your resume or CV.

Five (5) mistakes you must avoid whenever writing a resume or CV.

Mistake #1:

A recent study revealed that eight out of 10 resumes and CVs included at least one spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistake.

If your resume or CV has a spelling mistake contained in it, it shows a lack of attention to detail and you will definitely get rejected.

Mistake #2:

Some job applicants think it’s professional to write their entire CV or resume in capital letters. Don’t do it.

Capital letters are not easy to read and they show a lack of professionalism. Only use capital letters on your resume or CV for headings and subheadings.

Mistake #3:

Most job applicants use a fancy or creative font style when writing their resume or CV. These fonts are not easy to read.

The hiring manager has to assess lots of job applications, so keep your resume or CV clear, concise, to the point, and easy to read. Use the font Arial.

Mistake #4:

Avoid is making your resume or CV unnecessarily long. Keep it to just two or three pages. This is more than enough to write one that contains all the information a hiring manager needs to assess your suitability for the role.

Remember, make it easy for the hiring manager to assess your resume or CV.

Mistake #5:

Not including your direct cell phone number at the top of your resume or CV, and also at the bottom of your cover letter. Make it super easy for the hiring manager to contact you.

You should also make sure your answerphone message is either the default message that comes with your network provider or your own answer phone message that sounds professional.


Below are those 11 best words to use in a resume or CV personal statement that will definitely grab the hiring manager’s attention.

Word #1: Self-disciplined.

Word #2: Responsible.

Word #3: Diligent.

Word #4: Self-starter.

Word 5: Trustworthy.

Word #6: Dynamic.

Word #7: Motivated.

Word #8: Attentive.

Word #9: Forward thinking.

Word #10: Flexible, and

Word #11: Efficient.


This is an example of personal statement for your resume or CV. A personal statement is an introductory written statement that includes your achievements, interests, skills, qualities, and traits that will make the hiring manager interested in shortlisting you for the job.

A typical resume or CV personal statement will be between 300 and 500 words. The one below is just over 300 words, and it is perfect for all job applications.

Resume and CV personal statement (Best Sample)

I am a self-disciplined, responsible, diligent, and trustworthy employee with the knowledge, experience, and qualities to add value to your company.

I enjoy collaborating with other people whereby the collective performance of the team is critical to the success of the organization.

Having studied the role and responsibilities in detail, I have the necessary skills and attributes to perform all duties to a high standard.

I have applied for this job because you are a market leader, a forward thinking and innovative employer, and a workplace where I can progress, contribute, and work alongside like-minded professionals.

Your organizational culture aligns with my personal and professional values, and my research tells me this will be a place where I can build a long and successful career while doing a job I am passionate about.

I have an abundance of relevant experience within similar positions, and the transferable skills I possess will allow me to get up to speed quickly within the role.

For example, in my previous job, I regularly took the lead on time sensitive tasks and built a reputation for being a fast worker whose creative approach to solving problems was an asset to the company.

I have a strong track record of achievement that I aim to replicate for your company. For example, I won employee of the month in my previous position and helped the organization achieve record sales for a new company product.

I can work alone or as part of a team, prioritize my workload to meet my employer’s operational objectives and complete all tasks diligently under pressure.

If I succeed in my application, I will be a positive role model for the organization and take ownership of my ongoing development so I am always a beneficial team member.

That’s a fantastic personal statement that can be used at the start of your resume or CV.


Below is a brilliant, attention grabbing cover letter that you can use when submitting your resume or CV for any job application.

Sample of Cover letter for resumes and CVs.

Dear Sir, Madam,

RE: Application for [insert the job title].

I am applying for the above position with your company as it is a role I can Excel in and perform to a very high standard.

In addition to being a good communicator and excellent team worker, I am the type of employee who understands how vital my performance is to the success of your organization.

If I succeed in my application, I will perform all my duties to a high standard and quickly become an integral team member who contributes positively to the organization’s objectives.

My contact details have been included below.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours faithfully,

[Insert your name, email address and telephone number].

Thank you so much for reading this article and I wish you all the very best in your career.

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