Nursing Interview Questions and Answers [Learn How To Pass A Nurse Interview]

In this post you will learn how to pass a nursing interview. You will learn some tough nursing interview questions and more importantly, some high scoring answers. So if you have any kind of nursing interview coming up whatsoever, please make sure you read this educative article from beginning to end, because the content, the tips and the answers are going to really make a difference to your preparation and your performance at the interview.

Now let’s get straight into those nursing interview questions and answers. Now, the first question that you will get asked during your nursing interview is tell us about yourself, why you think you will make a competent nurse.

Question #1: Tell us about yourself and why you think you will make a competent nurse?

The answer to this interview question is based for anybody, whether you have any prior experience of being a nurse or you’re just going for your first nursing position, this response will help you. Here we go

Perfect Example Answer: “First and foremost, I am totally dedicated to patient care and I find this element of the role the most rewarding. I am naturally a caring person and I enjoy being in a role where I get the opportunity to make a difference, through both the treatment and care I provide and also through educating patients to help them lead better lives.

I will make a competent nurse because I am thorough. In both my approach to care and assessment, I am able to follow strict rules and procedures. I have a passion to continually learn and develop, and I’m also someone who can work hard under pressure and respond positively to the challenges the nursing role presents itself. I feel confident that if you employ me within this nursing position, you will be impressed with my strong work ethics and my ability to contribute positively to the nursing team.”

So that’s a pretty solid answer that can be used during any nursing interview and I encourage you to use it now. Let move on to the second question of your nursing interview.

Question #2: Tell me what you know about the role of a nurse?

Now, obviously, you’re qualified as a nurse, you should know what is involved. But let’s break it down to the key elements that will impress the panel.

Perfect Example Answer: “As a nurse, I will be required to carry out many tasks, including the assessment, the planning and evaluation of patients’ condition, their care and their treatment. I would need to maintain confidentiality at all times, keep accurate records, and also follow strict policies, rules and operational protocol.

Further responsibilities include keeping a safe environment for patients and also prioritizing patient care and treatment, especially during intense periods when it is particularly busy. I would always need to maintain accurate written records and contemporaneous notes whilst using effective communication skills to deal with a variety of situations.

Finally, I will need to always carry out high standards of quality nursing care, abide by the 6 Cs of nursing, and follow the organization’s values at all times whilst helping to develop and implement national initiatives aimed at improving quality of care standards and efficiency.”

That’s a great answer that you can use to construct your own based on your own knowledge and experience of the nursing role. Let’s take a look at another nursing question.

Question #3: How do you handle the stress of being a Nurse and all that comes with the job?

Here’s a perfect simple example answer

Perfect Example Answer: “The first aspect of dealing with the stress of the nursing job is to understand exactly what is involved in the role, the environment you’ll be working in and also the situation most patients will find themselves in.

The nursing role requires you to work in a pressurized environment whereby people are often anxious and under stress based on their illness or their upcoming treatment. On that basis, you have to understand that people are not their normal self and you have to take this into account when helping them, caring for them and also treating them. I naturally have a calm nature and I will not be put off by stressful situations whereby I have to perform under pressure.

I can handle the stress of the job because I believe I am a strong communicator who has the confidence in my own abilities. The truth is, I would rather work in a pressurized and stressful environment because it is times like these where I can really put my skills and experiences to good use.”

So that’s another solid answer.

Question #4: What parts of the nursing position will you find the most enjoyable and which parts will be the most challenging?

This particular interview question is assessing your knowledge of what the role will be like, both the good parts and also the difficult and challenging part. So here’s a suggested perfect example answer to this question.

Perfect Example Answer: “I will find dealing with and treating patients the most enjoyable. Although some of the patients I will deal with will be under pressure and stress, I feel the most enjoyable aspect will be seeing them get better and also helping them to lead more healthier lives through education and information.

I also feel I will find working with the nursing team an enjoyable aspect of the role, as you will get to build long-lasting relationships with people whom you can trust and rely on when you are working under pressure within the role of a nurse. In respect to the most challenging, this will be when dealing with patients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and also those patients who refuse to take responsibility for their own health.

However, whilst these will be the most challenging aspects of the nursing role, I will always look upon these as an opportunity to put my people skills and communication skills to the test. I am a confident person who can deal with the difficult and challenging aspects of the nursing role, and I will always carry out my duties with a positive attitude and a professional approach.”

That is a strong answer to that question. It demonstrates that you know what will be the most enjoyable part you can put your skills to the test, but also the challenging ones, but that you have a positive mindset when dealing with those as well.

I hope you’ve learned something great from this post article on Nursing Interview Questions and Answers. I wish you all the best in your pursuit to passing your nursing interview.

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