Insurance Interview Questions and Answers [Learn How to Answer Different Insurance Positions Interview Questions]

Now, this insurance interview tutorial is relevant for any kind of insurance job whatsoever, including insurance broker, insurance agent, insurance clerk and also insurance managers. When interviewing for a position as an insurance agent, you can expect to be asked about your general knowledge of insurance policies and sales experience, and you may be asked to role-play a few scenarios where you have to sell insurance to various customers.

This post article will cover common example answers of insurance job interview questions and more importantly, some top scoring answers to make sure you pass.

Now, in preparation for your insurance interview, please make sure you demonstrate the following skills, qualities and attributes.

  • Demonstrate that you can create and maintain robust relationships with clients and customers because that will help the insurance company to increase incurring revenue and income;
  • You also have to provide outstanding service to insurance customers and clients and respond to their queries, questions and even complaints in a timely and effective manner;
  • You should also be able to assess each customer and clients insurance needs based on the organizational protocol and the risk scoring criteria the insurance company will use;
  • Then you research the various insurance policies and products that are available for your customer’s and clients;
  • Then negotiate the insurance policy payment terms for customers and clients and also discuss renewal fees for existing customers and clients;
  • And also you have to be able to keep and maintain accurate insurance document records.

So in the insurance interview, questions and answers that are going to follow right now, I’ve incorporated all of those skills and qualities into the answers to make sure that you are fully prepared for your interview. So what kind of insurance interview questions are you likely to get asked? Well, here we go.

Insurance Interview Questions and Answers

Question #1: Tell me about yourself and why you want to work in the insurance industry?

So it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the first interview question, “Tell me about yourself.” They also want to know, why you have chosen to work in insurance.

Answer to the Question: Here’s an example answer to this question.

“I am a conscientious, detailed and reliable employee who wants to work within insurance because the qualities and skills required are definitely a close match for my own attributes. Now, not only do I possess the right interpersonal skills to build relationships with customers and clients, but I would take the time to get to know their insurance needs whilst also researching the appropriate products that are most suitable to them.

Now, other skills I possess include an ability to keep and maintain accurate records, an ability to prepare reports for your underwriters, advise customers on the clear steps they would need to take in relation to claims, and also use effective sales and marketing techniques to draw more business in for you. Now, if you employ me within this insurance position, I will perform the role to a very high standard and I will never, ever let you down.”

That’s a positive answer, a positive response to that insurance interview question, “Tell me about yourself and why you want to work within this industry.”

Question #2: Why do you or have you chosen our insurance company to work for?

This is another pretty much guaranteed question, “Why do you want to work for our companies? Why we chosen their company?

Answer to the interview Question: Here’s an example answer to this question

“I want to work for your insurance company for three main reasons. The first reason is, you have a fantastic reputation online which means I have the peace of mind. I will be working for a company that always puts its customers and clients first. And the second reason is the news section on your website shows me you are a forward thinking and innovative insurance company who works hard to stay at the top of the industry.

Finally, I did have a look at some of the employee reviews on top reputable websites and every review I read was positive in nature. And I got the impression you support your employees within their work to enable them to be the best they possibly can be.”

That’s wonderful answer because you’re focusing on three main reasons and they’re really good ones to give.

Question #3: What do you expect to be doing on a daily basis within this insurance role?

So this will assess whether you’ve read the job description and also the person specification.

Answer to the Question: Let’s have a look at the example answer to the question.

“I have studied the job description for this insurance role in detail, and from what I understand, I’ll be required to communicate with customers and clients to assess their insurance needs and also find the most suitable products for them base on their requirements.

I’ll also be required to research the different insurance products that are on the market; create and prepare reports for the insurance underwriters; collect insurance premiums from customers and clients;, create and send policy documents; and also keep accurate computer records. I’ll also need to arrange for the renewing of their insurance policies to ensure your business maintains a constant flow of recurring income; source new insurance customer leads and also help your customers make claims as and when they need to. They will of course be other duties that form part of this insurance roll, but those will form the core basis of this position that I am applying for today.”

So that’s another strong answer shows that you’ve read the job description and you know what you’re going to be required to do on a daily basis.

Question #4: Are rules meant to be followed rigidly or is it OK to bend or break them every now and then?

Here’s a difficult question. It’s a tricky question, but there is only one answer. The reason why they will ask this is because within the insurance industry, you can’t bend or break the rules. You’ve got to stick to them.

Answer the Question #4: Here’s an example answer to this question.

“Rules are 100% meant to be followed rigidly, especially in respect of the insurance industry. Now, within this role, I would expect all customers and clients to be totally honest when completing insurance quote documents and their forms and on that basis, we as our insurance company must also abide by the rules. If you start to bend or break the rules slightly, not only is this ethically irresponsible, but you’re also leaving yourself open to litigation or worse.”

That’s a great answer.

Question #5: What would you do on the very first day of working for our insurance company?

Answer to the Interview Question #5: Let’s have a look at the example answer to the question.

“On the very first day of starting I would do three things. The first thing is, I would obtain a brief from my manager on what he or she wanted me to achieve whilst in the job and also the company values I would be required to follow.

The second thing is, I would spend some time getting to know the different members of my team and also the different departments that go up to make up your insurance company. Now, by getting to know these important teams and individuals, it would enable me to achieve my own goals and targets whilst working within the company.

Now, finally, I would create a plan of action of what I wanted to achieve whilst in the job and by what date each objective needed to be reached. I always like to follow a plan of action in my work as this ensures I always successfully achieve my objectives.”

That’s a great answer. It shows you’re giving some forethought about where you’re going to do on your first day.

In conclusion, above are great example answers to the interview questions and with high scoring answers to make sure you pass now. These answers are relevant for positions such as insurance clerk, insurance, sales agents, insurance brokers or insurance managers, all the different insurance positions.

These interview questions and answers are suitable and they will ensure that you give your best shot for your interview. Am very sure after you go through this post article, you will pass the interview. I wish you all the best in your pursuit to passing your insurance interview.

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