How To Write Your Resume Headings For Job Application

When designing a professional resume, ensure that your resume contains at least one line of text about yourself and your career goals. HR managers may only need a few seconds to decide whether or not to read your full resume. So the aim of the resume headers is to get their attention and get them to read the rest of your resume.

As the name suggests, a resume header is the heading of your resume. It’s at the top of your resume and mainly contains your name, resume title, and contact details such as your phone number, email address along with social and professional information.

Resume Heading

To head your resume, put the right contact info in the right order. When writing this section, make sure that everything is correct and relevant to the position and in line with your qualifications and experience.

A resume heading, also called a resume title, is a short line that highlights or summarizes your professional strengths. A head title can be the difference between your resume, which catches the eye of a recruiter, and the resume without it.

A resume section is one of the first things potential employers see on your resume. Use a professional resume creator to make sure you get your head title done quickly – head and much more visible on the resume itself.

Resume Header Template

Take a look at the rules for capitalizing resumes for job titles and headings below. You can also check out some resume with headings online, as well as a list of the most common capital letters of job titles.


[Job Title]

[Phone Number]



How to Write Your Resume Heading

Below is a summary of how to write the resume header:

  • Do not name your resume as ‘RESUME’ or ‘CV’, just start with your name.
  • Write your name between 14-16 points and with proper spacing.
  • Do not write the function in the title but the proper designation.
  • Do not write more than one phone number or e-mail address.
  • Provide the current location of your residence.
  • Include your name, job title, and contact information.
  • Consider adding URLs to your social media profiles (e.g. LinkedIn or others).
  • Consult the job offer to see if there are any other details worth including (e.g. address).
  • Do not add a photo, the word resume, or any unprofessional information (e.g. ethnicity)

How To Write Your Resume Heading For A Job Application

The following keywords will help you create a meaningful section of your resume for your job title and headings, as well as the rest of the job description.

How to write your resume heading for job application

Some things to note when writing a Resume Headline

  • Keep It Concise: A Resume headline should be one brief phrase; it should not even be a complete sentence.
  • Capitalize Your Headline: Capitalize the words in your headline so that it looks like a title to your Resume.
  • Use Keywords: Use keywords that demonstrate your skills and/or experiences as related to the job you are applying.
  • Write a New Headline for Each Job: While it will be a little extra work, be sure to create a new headline for each job application.
  • Avoid Clichés: Because you want your headline to make you stand out as a strong candidate, avoid clichés that employers probably see on every Resume.

A headline on your resume can help you stand out from the crowd by drawing attention to your most impressive accomplishments and skills. A space-saving approach is to list a company you run, display your total time in that company, and then also indicate the date you applied for the title.

A good header is a great way to get the attention of a human resources manager, and here’s how to create a good header for your resume. People do crazy things on their resume like resume photos, resume descriptions, even scented resume, to forget they’ve noticed you. To ensure that your resume is not lost in the sea of applications, create a striking and informative resume header.

Resume Header Skeleton

This section of contact information is at the top of your resume and includes your name, email address, telephone number and the name of the company you are applying to.

The upper part of your resume is the most important part of the resume, not the lowest part, and it mainly contains information about your background, experience, qualifications, skills and qualifications, as well as your job title.

The title of the resume is a short phrase that emphasizes the value of the candidate. It allows you to condense your skills and work experience into short sentences that will quickly impress the hiring manager. The headline enables the recruiter to quickly and concisely identify what makes you the right person for the job. At the top of your resume, along with your name and contact information, allows recruiters to see your background, experience, qualifications and qualifications, as well as your job title.

Less experienced applicants can also use the heading to highlight personal attributes and skills. A resume heading is similar to a resume profile in that it contains a brief summary of the applicant’s qualifications. In contrast to a resume profile, which is interspersed with small paragraphs and a number of points, the headings of the resume are a short phrase.


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