How To Write A CV As A Fresh Graduate

It is important to know how you write a CV as a fresh graduate and getting into the job market, but first I want you to look at, what is the purpose of a CV? a lot of time when people are getting into the job search, they assume that, a CV gets them the job, unfortunately that’s not true. A CV is to get you the interview so that you can be able to present yourself in the best way possible and then an employer can feel that you qualify for this position.

As a fresh graduate, your CV is your marketing tools to market yourself to potential employers; this CV should be apt, simple, loaded with relevant information to showcase yourself.

Some Samples of Fresh Gradaute CVs

Fresh Graduate CV Sample

How To Structure Your CV As A Fresh Graduate

CV are crucial in job hunt, however there are various ways you can structure your CV, I will be showing you how to structure your CV to get that dream Job. It is important to break the CV into sections and sub-sections.

Your Personal Details

Personal Details; on your personal details, the first thing you write is your full name. Then what next you need to have on your CV is your telephone number, when it comes to telephone number, indicate your direct number and also indicate a number of someone who’s close to you, either your brother or sister and could also be your parents, this always give another means to reach you if your number is not available or switched off and you can’t be reached to come for an interview.

Then email address, make sure you don’t use some unofficial emails or that are not appealing e.g. [email protected], [email protected], it is advisable to register your emails with your first name and second name. its not like the old traditions where mails are sent via postal services, check your emails as often as possible to be able to respond to potential employers as soon as possible.

There are no reasons to include irrelevant information on your personal details such what tribe you came from, your passport ID, color of eye, hair, favorite color and so on.

Career Objective

This section is very important, this section is where you talk about your field, what you study in school, your objective about the career and all that, for example; I’m a graduate of business management, where I plan business operations and administration schemes and now I’m looking for an opportunity

Customer service, business management or administration operation. You can also include, “I’m flexible and open to training” because at this stage, as a fresh graduate, I’m don’t have a lot to offer in terms of experience.

Education Background

In this section you state your educational backgrounds, ranging from recent to your highest qualification, school attended with dates, grades and year of study, for example, Bachelor of Economics, graduate University of west-London, upper-class or second-class or whichever grade you got and then indicate 2002 to 2005, then you can list other certificates you have such as diploma or other professional certifications. Make sure that the other certificates you included are in-line with the post you are applying for.

Work Experience

Since you are a fresh graduate, it is understandable that you may have little or no experience pertaining to the job offer. However, you must have gone through some internship programs; you can replace your internship with experience. For example, if you have done an internship with a financial institute as an administration officer, so on your CV, you have to state the during of your internship, position held with your responsibility in the institution. Your duties and responsibilities should be clearly spelt out.


What extra value did you add to the organization, this is way of stating how you have helped the institutions you’ve done your internship. You can also list some awards you were able to acquire during your years or studies or some professional examinations or certifications you have acquired in your study.


Have you under gone some specific training, it could be customer service, marketing training or soft skills, such as, leadership skill, team work etc, you should indicate the title of the training, period and where the training took place.

Hobbies and Interest

A lot of people ask if hobby is really important? I would say there why because, they give us an insight into the kind of person that you are. Employers are really interested to know you beyond your qualifications over and beyond your experience. Who are you as a person? Hobbies give us those insights. So assume, I’m looking for someone with leadership skills and they see that you actually are either in your church or mosque, you partake in some leadership role. Hobby can boost your CV if they are in-line with the job you are applying for.

You are applying for this media job and you’ve indicated that you have a blog that you update now and then on topical issues and if I can visit that blog and I see the content and I like it, this alone is an added advantage, hobbies are really important but they only make a difference if they are relevant with the position you are applying for. Some people include swimming as their hobbies, so unless I’m looking for something related to sport, or how does it will relate to the new position.


In a CV pertaining to a fresh graduate, reference section is not necessarily filled, it is better to write “Reference Available on request” but in some cases, you will be asked to include reference in your CV from the job description. In this case, it is required to have three (3) referees. Reference are people that can be trusted and vogue for you in a new job, it could be a lecturer from the university you finished from or a religious leader or community head.

However, it is important to inform your referee before including them on your CV. Only the referee name, contacts, either email or phone number, post held and institution, are the only information needed about your referee, it is not ideal to disclose their personal information on your CV.

As a fresh graduate, i believe this piece of educative information will be helpful to you on how to write your CVs. I wish you good luck.


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