5 Tips for Passing Accounting Job Interview

Accounting roles play a vital part in the successful running of any business or organization. Whether it’s a small, local independent shop, or a very large blue-chip organization, the accounting work needs to be accurate, timely and in line with current financial regulations.

Therefore, in order to work within an accounting role you will need a unique set of skills, including an ability to work as part of a team, be able to provide outstanding client care, be capable of providing the right type of client advice, work long and arduous hours and also work to strict timescales whilst under pressure. You will also need the ability to learn new and updated accounting software packages and develop your own skills to stay on top of the financial industry.

In preparation for your accounting interview, there are 5 key areas you should concentrate on. Make sure you go through this post article/tutorial from beginning to end, because you will really learn some top scoring tips to make sure you get the accountant job you deserve.

5 Tips for Passing Accounting Interview

TIP #1 – These are your ability to provide outstanding client care, work hard under pressure to deliver consistent results, demonstrate great attention to detail, keep up-to-date with new accounting software and regulations, and also work towards tight schedules and deadlines.

TIP #2 – When you attend your accounting interview, we recommend you have a predetermined answer to interview questions that assess your ability to show great attention to detail. There is no room for errors or mistakes within accounting roles, as the company you are working for could lose clients if consistent mistakes are made.

TIP #3 – Naturally, your ability to deal with difficult and irate clients will be more than likely assessed during your accounting interview. Think about how you will respond to these types of questions at your interview.

TIP #4 – At your accounting interview, you will be asked behavioural and competency-based interview questions where it is advisable you utilise the STAR technique. Within the Accounting Interview Questions and Answers guide, which is available to instantly download on this page, we have provided you with sample answers to the types of questions you will get asked.

TIP #5 – At the end of your accounting interview, you will undoubtedly be asked if you would like to ask the panel some questions. This is your opportunity to demonstrate you are smart and enthusiastic.

Questions to ask at the end of Accounting Interview

Here are 3 sample questions to ask in your accounting interview:

QUESTION – Who is your greatest accounting competitor and how could I help you in this role to better them?

QUESTION – What are the plans for your company or organization over the next three to five years?

QUESTION – If I am successful today at interview, what is the first thing you would need me to concentrate on in this accounting role? or If am successful in the role, what do you want me to concentrate on as an accountant within the first few weeks of starting?

QUESTION – What have previous accountants done that has frustrated you?

As you are fully aware, working within accounting roles requires you to meet strict deadlines and timescales. If you miss these, the penalties can be severe. Show the interview panel you fully understand how important this competency is during your interview.

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