How to Pass a Job Interview with NO EXPERIENCE

In this post article you will learn seven first job interview tips. So, if this is your first job interview, or if you are a fresh graduate, entry-level with no previous work experience, be sure to read this post from start to finish because it will help you to PASS any job interview with any company.

How to Prepare yourself for Interview As a fresh graduate with no experience

As a fresh graduate with no experience, prepare yourself for the interview in three steps:

  1. Research
  • List down the companies to whom you want to apply.
  • Take the help of professional resume writers to write a good resume
  • Post your resume on Job portals, company websites.
  • Try to contact consultancies for Job opportunities. Avoid Paying.
  1. Preparation
  • Do some Industry oriented certifications
  • Apply for the openings posted in Job portals.
  • Try to connect with the HR manager & Talent Acquisition team through LinkedIn & social networking websites. Build your professional relationship.
  • Leverage those contacts to get the job.
  • Prepare Aptitude Questions
  • Prepare Technical & HR questions.
  1. Action
  • Always Greet the Interviewer.
  • Answer Positively and confidently.
  • Avoid Making false claims in an Interview.
  • Do regular follow-ups with the company after the Interview.

Top Seven (7) First Job Interview Tips

Tip #1: Your positivity and your enthusiasm are your biggest assets.

Most hiring managers would rather take on somebody who is positive and enthusiastic. Now, just because someone has experience does not mean that they are going to be a good fit for a team. So the fact that you are going to be hungry to work and you will want to impress your manager in the role is going to be much more appealing to any hiring manager.

So during your interview, always be positive in how you talk, be sure to display really good manners and make sure you demonstrate positive interview technique.

Tip #2: Make sure you research their company.

This helps you to gain an advantage over all the other candidates. Now, the vast majority of interview candidates carry out very little research into the role or the company they are applying to work for. This is a mistake.

Make sure you visit their website, follow their social media channels, and take a look at their products and services because when the interviewer asks you what you know about their company during the interview, you will be able to give a great answer that shows you genuinely want to work for their company any and you are not solely interested in just getting a job.

Tip #3: Make sure you focus on your selling points.

Now, a great way to shine during your first job interview, if you have no experience, is to focus on your strengths. So before you attend your job interview, write down a list of five selling points that you are going to give to the hiring manager.

Let look at some Selling Points examples.

  • (i) You are a blank canvas, and you are hungry to learn because if they hire you in the role, they get to train you up to be the perfect employee.
  • (ii) You are a creative person and you believe you can add value to their company by coming up with new, fresh and innovative ideas.
  • (iii) That you are looking for long term employment with their company. Now this means they will get to see a long term positive return on their investment if they decide to hire you.
  • (iv) That you are good with social media and you want to help the company promote its image and its products and services online.
  • (v) That you are always positive and this tends to rub off on other people because you are someone who will be a supportive coworker and you will always put the needs of your team first.

So there’s five great selling points that you can use, if this is your first job interview.

Tip #4: Consider the interviewers concerns and reservations before you go along to the interview.

This is a smart thing to do because if we can pre-empt the interviewers concerns about hiring you due to your lack of experience, this is going to help you to pass.

So you could say this at the end of your interview:

“Whilst I appreciate this is my first job and I have no work experience, I believe I’m more than make up for this through my enthusiasm, my positivity, my willingness to listen and learn, and the fact that you will get to train me up to be the perfect employee.”

Tip #5: Make sure you prepare your answers to the most common interview questions in advance of your interview.

Now, a great way for you to prepare for a first time job interview is to get your answers ready in advance. Don’t turn up to the interview without considering how you are going to respond to the most common interview questions and these include:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • What are your strengths.
  • What’s your biggest weakness, and
  • What do you think you will dislike the most about this job? That’s a tough question.

Now, if you want to know some example answers to those and more difficult interview questions, click here and you will get all of the first time job interview answers.

Tip #6: Make sure you prepare three questions to ask yourself in the interview.

Now, at some stage during your first job interview, the hiring manager is going to say to you, do you have any questions for us? Now it’s really important that you ask three smart questions that put you across as a professional and intelligent person.

Here’s three smart questions that you can ask in your first job interview question:

  1. What would you need me to focus on in the first 30 days of starting in the role? That’s a great question to ask in your first job interview.
  2. How has the company evolved over the years?
  3. Who is your biggest competitor and how could I help you in this role to better them?

Tip #7: Make sure you practice a mock interview before the real interview.

So carry out a mock interview before you attend your first job interview, get someone to sit down and ask you the most common interview questions because this will help you to rehearse your responses and it will certainly boost your confidence levels.

So those are seven brilliant first time job interview tips that are going to help you to pass your interview with NO EXPERIENCE.

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Also, during a job interview, such as an entry-level position, it’s logical that you’re a bit nervous. Tell the interviewer that you are interested in an entry-level job, which is what you will be offered anyway.

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