Best Answers To Interview Question “How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure”

How Do You Handle Stress & Pressure is a common interview question asked by Hiring Managers. However, it is a tough one to answer correctly but in this article, you will get some important tips and sample answers to help you PASS your job interview.

Tips to Answer this Interview Question, “How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure?”

  • Stress and pressure are part of everyday working life.
  • Show you are not fazed by stress or pressure and that you cope with it by remaining calm and focused on your job and by being organized in your work.

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How To Answer “How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure?”

In this article, you will learn how to answer that difficult interview question, How do you handle stress and pressure? If you have a job interview coming up for any role whatsoever, there is a strong possibility they will ask you this question and how you respond to it could be the difference between success or failure.

To help you answer it correctly, this is what this article will cover.

  • You will learn why the interviewer is asking you the question, how do you handle stress and pressure?
  • You will learn three (3) really important tips for answering this question with confidence.
  • You will learn three brilliant answers that you can use in your job interview.
  • You will also learn how you can get access to more example answers to tough interview questions.

Reasons why is the interviewer asking you the question, “How do you handle stress and pressure”

  • If they ask you this interview question, the role that you are applying for will involve the ability to work under pressure. So they want to assess how you are going to handle these conditions.
  • Your attitude towards stress and pressure and how you approach it will be the difference between success or failure at your job interview. So it’s important you give them a rock solid, confident answer.

So when they say to you, how do you handle stress and pressure, do not say:

“I handle it quite well and I really don’t mind working under pressure, to be honest”

Such answer is totally wrong, there’s no substance to it, do not answer this interview question in the following manner. There is no confidence in the response and you are simply saying, I don’t mind working on the pressure. That is not the way to answer the question.

Important Tips for answering this question, “How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure?”

Tip 1: Talk about how you understand stress and pressure will be a part of this role and that you are relishing the opportunity to show them your skills.

Tip 2: Explain how you prefer to work under pressure, because that is when you feel you are making the most progress and you are developing in the role.

Tip 3: Consider giving them a brief example of where you have previously worked under pressure.

How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure Best Answers

Question: How do you handle stress and pressure?

Example Answer (Option 1)

“I understand stress and pressure are a big part of this job, and I actually prefer to work under these conditions because I feel I am making progress and developing.

Basically without pressure, there will be little progress in an organization. I handle stress and pressure by making sure I am organized, by planning my work accordingly and by remaining calm and in control of my actions and my emotions.”

That is a really good, short and punchy answer that shows you understand how important stress and pressure are within an organization to help it progress. But let’s now go a little bit further with a different answer and provide them with an example of where you have previously handled stress and pressure.

Example Answer (Option 2)

“When I am under stress or pressure, I feel I am at my best. I love it when I must work hard to complete a project or a task to a very tight deadline.

For example, it was commonplace for my manager to come into the office late on a Friday afternoon and demand that we all complete a task for him within two hours, when in fact it should have taken four!.

I always approached these tasks by working quickly and methodically, by thinking ahead and by keeping calm and in control of what I was doing. This approach always helps me to achieve a successful outcome in whatever I am doing!”

That is another really good example and you are giving a specific situation that you have previously been in where you have handled the stress and pressure of work.

Example Answer (Option 3)

“I see stress as part of everyday working life, and I feel I am at my best when the pressure is on. If we are working to a tight deadline then I enjoy the challenge of getting my tasks completed on time so the team can meet its objectives.

I cope with stress and pressure by keeping fit, by remaining calm at work, and by ensuring I plan and organize my work in advance.”

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I hope you enjoyed this Good Answers to this Interview Question, “How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure”.

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