3 Hardest Interview Questions And Perfect Answers

In this article, we will learn how to prepare for the three hardest interview questions. These three questions are the ones the majority of candidates fail their interviews on.

If you have an interview coming up soon for any role or company, make sure you read this article very well because it will help you pass at the very first attempt.

How to prepare for the 3 hardest interview questions

To help you pass your job interview at the very first attempt, below are what this article will cover:

  • What the three hardest interview questions are. These questions will come up during your job interview and you must have a confident answer prepared for each one.
  • Reasons why the hiring manager is going to ask you each of these three questions. If you know why the questions are being asked, it empowers you to give brilliant answers.
  • Brilliant example answer to each question.

3 Hardest Interview Question And Perfect Answers

Below are those three hardest interview questions, why they are being asked, and example top scoring answers.

  • Hardest Interview Question 1: Tell me about yourself.

This is one of the hardest interview questions to answer because it is the first one you must respond to. You will probably be very nervous and most people are not sure what to include in their answer.

The interview question “Tell me about yourself” is being asked because the hiring manager wants to quickly get to know you, assess your communication skills, and determine whether you have the skills and qualities they are looking for.

Tips for answering the question tell me about yourself

Below are two important tips for answering the question tell me about yourself:

  • Tip 1: When answering the question, tell me about yourself, do not give your life story.

Instead, tell them about your skills and qualities, how these are a match for the job description and what you will do in the role if they hire you.

  • Tip 2: In your answer to the question tell me about yourself, tell the interviewer you are a high achiever, and then give them one example of something significant you have achieved in your life so far.

This might be achieving excellent academic qualifications, success in a previous job role, or a sporting achievement.

Below is a brilliant example answer to that interview question, tell me about yourself.

Question: Tell me about yourself

Example Answer:

“First of all, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for this position today.

I would describe myself as resourceful, energetic and a passionate employee who has the skills and qualities to match the job description.

Previous managers would often describe me as industrious, trustworthy, and someone they could rely on to carry out their duties on time and to exacting standards.

I am very ambitious and a high achiever. For example, in my last role, I helped the company achieve record sales for a new product launch.

I keep myself fit and active outside of work, which means my energy and concentration levels are always high, and if you hire me, I will take personal responsibility for my ongoing development, which means I will always be a highly productive member of your team.”

That’s a brilliant example answer to that first question, tell me about yourself.

  • Hardest Interview Question 2: What’s your biggest weakness?

This is the next interview question we need to prepare for. This question will definitely come up during your interview.

They are asking you this question to assess your levels of self-awareness and also how honest you are.

Tips when answering the question ‘what’s your biggest weakness’

Below are two important tips when answering the question, what’s your biggest weakness?

  • Tip 1: Do not say you don’t have any weaknesses.

If you do say that, you won’t pass your interview, and do not say your biggest weakness is the fact you are a perfectionist. Lots of candidates give that answer, but the hiring manager will see straight through it.

  • Tip 2: Do not give a weakness that is a match for anything listed on the job description and make sure you tell the interviewer you are trying to improve on your weakness.

Below are two example answers to that difficult interview question, “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Question: What’s your biggest weakness?

Example Answer 1:

“My biggest weakness is the fact I tend to say yes to everything and then end up taking on too many responsibilities.

Whilst I will always take on plenty of work, I need to learn to assess my capacity to take on the extra duties before saying yes.”

Example Answer 2:

“My biggest weakness is the fact I am not yet very good at public speaking. However, this is a skill I want to develop.

So if there are any opportunities in this role for me to give talks or presentations to my team, then I would love to give it a try.”

  • Hardest Interview Question 3: Why should we hire you?

The interview question, ‘Why should we hire you?’ is difficult to answer because you have to give reasons that make you stand out from the competition.

Every candidate will be asked this interview question, and the hiring manager will use the answers to determine which one candidate they are going to hire.

Tips to answer interview question, why should we hire you

When answering the interview question, why should we hire you, make sure you follow these two tips.

  • Tip 1: Be upbeat and positive in your answer, and don’t be afraid to sell yourself. You should also give more than one reason why they should hire you because this will help you to stand out from the competition.
  • Tip 2: Tell the interviewer how you are going to add value to their organization in the role.

This is a great thing to do because the employer can then be sure you will give them the greatest return on their investment if they hire you.

Below is a brilliant example answer to that tough question, why should we hire you?

Example Answer:

“You should hire me for three reasons. Reason number one is because I am a strong match for the job description, and I’m also a fast learner, which means you won’t have to spend your valuable time closely supervising or monitoring me.

The second reason you should hire me is because I have the qualifications and skills to help your company grow.

For example, in my last role, I helped the company increase sales by providing outstanding customer service, which resulted in more customers returning to the business time and time again.

Finally, the third reason why you should hire me is because I am a frugal worker who will seek ways to help you save money, and I will carry out duties outside of my job description when needed to help out the company.”

There’s three brilliant example answers to the toughest questions you will face during your job interview.

Thank you so much for reading this article, and I wish you all the best for passing your job interview.

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