How To Make Your DV Interview Easy and Successful | Getting your Diversity Visa Approved

To increase your chances of getting your Diversity Visa approved, follow these steps:

  • Carry your Visa payment fee in cash. Don’t carry it in credit cards, don’t carry it in mobile money form, but in cash.

The reason being, nothing that you hold will be allowed into the embassy. Not your phone, not your tablet, not your credit cards, nothing but the supporting documents. So withdraw your money and carry it in cash to the embassy.

  • Go to the embassy with all your derivatives

Every family member that you included in your application, don’t leave one of them behind. Go with all of them to the embassy. You cannot go alone if you listed them in your application.

  • As you prepare for the interview, also, make your derivatives prepare

It is common that consular officers will throw some questions to your derivatives. So make your derivatives know this, and also let them relax and get prepared for the interview.

  • Don’t forget to carry with you all the support documents

The support documents differ from one individual to the other. Carry all the academic support. If you listed a number of schools, a number of institutions that you attended to achieve your academic qualifications, all those schools should have their certificates. Don’t forget even one. Carry them all.

If you are qualifying through work experience, make sure you obtain all the relevant documents to show that you really have those two year work experience within the last five years.

This includes:

  • the appointment letter,
  • the recommendation,
  • the page that you printed from the that showed your job zone, that proved that your job is on SVP seven and above,
  • the payment slips.

Anything that you can find that will support your work experience, go with that document.

  • If you are married, don’t forget to carry the marriage certificate and also any other proof of your marriage. If you have affidavit of marriage, carry it with you.
  • Carry the police clearance for every individual in your application that is above the 16 years of age.

The support document will depend with what you filled in your DS-260. Every document requested to support your information in the DS-260, provide all of them.

Provide the passport sized photos and every other document requested by your embassy. Don’t forget to carry them. This is very important.

If you have different names on different documents, maybe the names appearing on your passport are not the same names appearing on your academic documents. The name appearing on your birth certificate is not the same with those appearing on other documents. Make sure you provide a sworn affidavit of name.

This is done by a court or an advocate and this proves that the names appearing on those different documents, they refer to the same person.

If you have differing names on your different documents, provide the affidavit of names. Don’t forget that, because many people get refused their visas because they had differing names. Because how could the consular officer prove that you are the same person? Make sure you provide the affidavit of name.

  • Don’t try to cook up lies, don’t formulate stories around your information.
  • Be straightforward and always truth, because truth makes everything simple.

If you are truthful from the time of entry up to the time of your interview, then everything become completely simple, truthful and straightforward.

Avoid talking more, talk less. Answer the questions as asked. Also be polite, be presentable, and be decent. All these qualities will make your interview smooth and successful.

Be relaxed and composed, that is another very important thing that will make your interview smooth.

There are no difficult questions that will be put forward to you. It will be just questions revolving around whatever you have presented in your DS-260 form. It also might go to ask you about your plans, your future plans, when you land in the United States.

It might ask you about the host information. The interview is not hard, no hard questions are asked there. So be relaxed and composed. If the consular officer becomes social, be social as well.

Also, don’t forget to carry with you this very important set of documents. And this is the financial support document. You can either have the form I-134 from your sponsor or provide a financial statement as the proof of financial support.

This is important to the United States government because it proves to them that you are able to carte for yourself, as you’re starting your life, and that you will not end up becoming a public child.

Don’t forget to carry these documents and accompanying these documents are the form W2 or the form 1040 and also the green card copy or the identity copy of the sponsor. Carry with you these documents and don’t leave them behind.

If you leave them behind and you ask for them and you fail to provide, then most likely you’ll be put into administrative procedure until you provide the support that you’re not going to become a public child in the United States.

Administrative processing

If you are put on the administrative processing or one of your members is put into the administrative processing (AP), you should act and comply with whatever you are asked promptly.

Do it quick, act quickly, don’t delay. If you are requested for any social media proof through the form DS-535, provide it as quickly as you can. If you are requested for the travel documents, provide them as quickly as you can.

If you’re requested for the affidavit of support, present it as soon as possible to the embassy. Whenever you are put on AP, act quickly, respond quickly. It is not the time to delay.

Some administrative processing goes for two weeks, others they extend up to six months. You might end up losing your opportunity if you delay to act.

If you are put on administrative processing, for your visa to get approved, act quickly and provide necessary details needed.

Remember all interviews differs from one person to another, every person experience a different interview.

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