Diversity visa lottery selection process | How do they select the winners?

How does DV Lottery winners get selected? Green card lottery i.e DV Lottery has selection process, it’s purely random. Diversity visa lottery selection process | How do they select the winners?

In this guide, you will learn how the process goes from applying and then selecting who becomes the winner and who is not going to be the winner, in the Green Card (i.e DV Lottery) application process.

How do people win DV Lottery

When you applied for the green card lottery, first and foremost, you go through the first filter, which is the mistakes which you did when filling the Electronic Diversity Visa application form. Those mistakes will make you to be removed from going to the selection process.

Before you go to this area of selection, you have to pass through these steps

  • Step 1: Have you applied for Electronic Diversity Visa more than once?

You’re supposed to apply once, if you apply two times, they eliminate your online application and you don’t go to the selection area.

  • Step 2: The photo

Have you done any mistakes of the photo which you aren’t supposed to do?

For example:

(1) Your photo must be on white background

(2) Do not wear glasses to take your photo

(3) Make sure you photo don’t have shadow

(4) Your head must be centered in the photo and the correct size

(5) Your Photo must be sharp without any visible pixels or printer dots

(6) Take your photo in front of a white or off-white background instead of cropping out the background.

(7) Applicant must be directly facing camera with a neutral expression and Eyes clearly visible.

(8) You may not wear hats or head coverings, except for religious or medical purposes.

(9) Your background must be in uniform, plain and white or off-white, and free of shadows

(10) For children, it is acceptable if the infant’s eyes (particularly a newborn’s) are not, or are not entirely, open.

(11) When you renew online, the photo you upload should have ample space around your head and will look different after you crop it in the application. Your digital photo must be in .JPEG file format, at least 600 by 600 pixels, and at least 54 kilobytes in size.

All these are taken into consideration. If you did, then you are good to go to the phase where they are going to do the selection.

Once you go to the selection process, the selection process is divided into six geographical regions. Each region is assigned a certain percentage and the regions are:

  • ASIA

In each region, one country cannot exceed the total winning of 7% i.e it will not exceed 6005 or 6007.

Once they put those regions and each region has a certain number as a maximum, africa is the region with a higher number of winners and the higher number of people giving the visas.

Almost 45% of winners and the 45% of people who are receiving the visas are from Africa. The reason is because fewer Africans are in America than people from Europe. So for that particular case, they make a draw based on the region.

So whether you live in the U.S, whether you live in Qatar, whether you live in Sweden, whether you live in England, whether you live in Canada, it doesn’t matter where you live, as long as your country of birth is Africa, you are in the Africa region.

Where you live doesn’t matter, your level of location doesn’t matter, in the selection process, you’ll be putting the Africa region.

DV Lottery Selection Process

The computer is doing a random selection process. Once they do the random selection process in the computer, then they are going to take the winners. So those winners, obviously the countries with more number of applicants will have more winners than the countries with a low number of applicants.

For example: if Kenya had for instance, 50 applicants in the year 2023, while at the same time Tanzania had almost 3000 applicants. Kenya may end up having 190 winners, while Tanzania may had like 3000 winners.

So the higher the number winners partly is because of the higher the number of applicants. That’s why it is encouraged that many people should apply, because that kind of more people, increase more chance of winners from that country than the countries which have low number of applicants.

Let look at another scenario: In a basket you have maybe five pieces of paper which are white, you have 20 pieces of paper which are red and you have 200 pieces of paper which are green.

The chance of you are supposed to take ten pieces of paper. If you mix them, the chance of taking the 200 green papers will be higher than those five white or 20 red. So the higher number of applicants in that country, the higher chances of winning from that country.

Please don’t apply and just keep quiet, share the information with friends and colleagues, because if God wants you to win, you’ll win, no matter how many millions of people are going to apply.

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