Diversity Visa Interview Questions

DV-2024 Lottery Results Finally Out | How to check Your Diversity Visa Lottery Results

Diversity Visa Lottery Results

Welcome! In this guide, we will be discussing how to check your Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery results correctly and what to do if you are among those selected. 2024 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program entrants can now be able to find out if they were randomly selected for a visa (Started …

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How To Make Your DV Interview Easy and Successful | Getting your Diversity Visa Approved

How To Make Your DV Interview Easy and Successful

To increase your chances of getting your Diversity Visa approved, follow these steps: Carry your Visa payment fee in cash. Don’t carry it in credit cards, don’t carry it in mobile money form, but in cash. The reason being, nothing that you hold will be allowed into the embassy. Not …

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Common Questions Expected During Diversity Visa Interview

Questions Expected During DV Interview

These are the common questions that you will get during your diversity visa interview. These are questions extracted from real life DV interview experiences from various people over the years, questions they were asked, from different selectees and from different countries. This is the summation of DV interview questions, know …

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