5 Tips On Writing A Successful High School Teacher CV

These High school teacher CV writing tips are very important. This is due to the fact that they are necessary in improving your high school teacher curriculum vitae. Understandably, adolescents of secondary school age are passing through a very critical period of their lives. 5 tips on writing a successful high school teacher CV or Resume.

This informs the need for a secondary school teacher who understands the dynamics of school-age students. The 5 tips compiled here would examine ways to tender your CV to meet these necessities.

It is now important to study how to convey the right qualities that would meet the requirements to be taken as a high-school teacher.

5 tips on writing a successful High School Teacher CV or Resume

  • Begin with a profile rich with teaching skills

Just as always, the first port of call for the school hiring management is your personal profile. Whether the hiring manager reads on down your application depends on your ability to portray features that distinguish you from the rest of the applicants.

Samples of High School Teacher Resume

Oftentimes, applicants make generalized points in their personal profile. You should differ from this. It is more useful to point out specific and unique personal-style experiences and practices you can bring into the classroom that would help build and impact knowledge into adolescent students.

These could be great ways to start:

  • A student-focused and committed high school teacher who applies science and math problems and knowledge into real life experiences of adolescents to make them understand and solve problems in the society easier
  • A social worker and an erudite, disciplined academic instructor and educator with an inspiring mission to develop academic prowess in students on a personal basis and help them conform to societal norms

Create an education section targeted at teens

Making your CV appear more general than specific would rather multiply your chances of being overlooked and even dumped in the trash can. In order to prevent your CV from being dumped with other non-distinguishing applications, it is important to point out any relevant special training you may have gone through.

It is necessary to start with your degrees. Courses like Early Childhood Development and Adolescent Psychology would be added advantages. It would always be helpful to point out times you have been engaged by working with young adults or preparing adolescents for GSC or AP Examinations.

Assuming you are writing a high school application for a science or math teacher or even music instructor, it would be good to point out special training and certifications in addition to skills acquired with modern state-of-the-art facilities and technologies.

The major things you should be pointing out are skills that help in the development of students. Recruiters are very much after these qualities because students are not just expected to develop in physical skills but also in the Psychomotor Domain, Cognitive Domain and in creativity.

  • Express creative ways in tackling challenges

Having to teach rambunctious adolescents would always come with its own peculiar kind of challenges. Potential high school employers would be looking out to see how you tackle challenges with unique qualitative and quantitative grounds.

  • How do you score classroom behaviors across observable traits both in the Psychomotor and Cognitive Domains?
  • In what ways do you handle and deal with adolescent behavioral problems

You would be greatly considered favorable if you can provide evidence on how you have turned difficult situations to positive ones to the benefit of your students. If you can also provide proof on how you have prepared your students to turn out good grades in preparation for competitive colleges, it would be a great bonus to your curriculum vitae.

Some examples of great achievements as a high-school teacher backed with figures can include:

  • Cut down absenteeism and lateness of students by 23% with the help of student-led committees on attitudinal change
  • Created a program where students air as guests, speaking on how to curb drug abuse among adolescent students which the school authorities had found helpful
  • Inculcated real-life experiences that helped to improve the performances of student in Math tests
  • cutting down on the cost of acquiring new technology to teach students by using innovative ways to improvise and impart knowledge

Showcase the ability to handle the special needs of adolescent students

Adolescents can be said to have entered a stage in their lives where they no longer depend on their parents to make some decisions. They begin to brave the world all by themselves.

Along the line, they meet with all manner of people. Because it is their most susceptible stage in life, they could be easily influenced by mischief makers, drug addicts and even criminal-minded adolescents.

Sometimes many of these students cultivate closer relationships with and deeper respect for their teachers more than their parents. Most recruiters would be looking out for how you take advantage of this closer relationship to play the role of an in-loco-parentis for the students.

Achievements that could distinguish you in this regard can include:

  • Collaborated with educational psychologists to correct erring students
  • Liaised with social workers to help meet the need of physically challenged students
  • Collaborated with special education instructors to tailor programs that would meet the special needs and abilities of some students

Very importantly: Add relevant high school teaching keywords

Adding relevant teaching keywords is very important. First, this can help you pass through automated systems that pick applications based on relevant keywords. Again, that can help you easily get noticed online by educational hiring managers who understand the core of what they are into, after all.

For instance, if you only title your CV with ‘High School Teacher CV’ you would not appear relevant to searches on ‘high school teacher CV’ + Math or + Sciences.

You cannot be a Jack of all trades. Rather, you should be a master in specific areas. To get noticed you can niche down thus:

  • High school teacher- Physical Education
  • High School teacher- Math and Sciences
  • High School teacher- English and Literature
  • High school teacher- Expert on Special Education

These points could be a good way to start. Whether you are applying for high school teaching jobs in Canada, United States or internationally, they could prove to be very helpful in the long run.

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