5 Bank Job Interview Questions and Perfect Answers

In this post article, you will learn how to pass any kind of bank interview. We will discuss 5 common bank job interview questions and suggested perfect example answers. So if you have an interview coming up with any of the worldwide banks, this article is really going to help you. We will focus specifically on bank interview questions to make sure you are fully prepared with the answers.

Tips to Answer Banking Job Interview Questions

Now let look at the two important tips that will help you pass your banking job interview.

Tip #1: All banks have a set of core customer values they expect their staff to abide by. Now, when you’re preparing for your banking interview, whatever the role is, make sure you read those values and make sure you also read the bank’s mission statement. It would just be a short statement and if you mention these during your interview, this alone will put you ahead of the competition.

Tip #2: Customer service, transparency and trust are all key important elements of working for any bank. On that basis, it’s really important you prepare for specific behavioral type interview questions that assess your ability in these key areas.

Now let look at some sample bank interview questions and their perfect example answers to cover this.

5 Bank Job Interview Questions and Perfect Answers.

Question #1: Tell me about yourself and why you want to work for this bank?

This is pretty much guaranteed to be the first interview question during your banking interview and below is a perfect example answer to this question that anyone can use.

“I am a professional, hard working, loyal and customer-focused employee who can be relied upon to act as a positive role model for your bank. In a rapidly changing world, I fully understand how important it is to provide outstanding customer service and care, and I believe the skills, qualities and attributes I possess are a perfect match for this banking role.

I want to work for your bank because I pride myself on professionalism and also high standards. Having studied your bank and in particular your mission, values and the ethics, you too are an organization who sets very high standards. If I’m successful at interview today and I get the chance to work for your bank, I would be very proud to declare myself as one of your employees.”

So that’s a really solid and unique answer. It’s very professional and it gets you off on the right foot during your banking interview.

Question #2: At this bank, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. Describe a situation where you’ve gone out of your way to help someone?

Below is a perfect example answer to this question that anyone can use.

“In a previous job, I was dealing with an elderly customer on the telephone who was having problems placing an order online due to the fact that she was not very technical.

Although, as a company, we were required to deal with each customer in under three(3) minutes, I felt this situation deemed my full attention, and so I decided to stay on the phone to guide the lady through the online purchasing process.

All in all, it took 17 minutes to do with a call, but the end result was the lady managed to place her order securely and safely. She thanked me for my patience and she seemed to be overjoyed at the fact I had spent time assisting her, making her purchase.”

That’s really important because you have demonstrated they’ve gone above and beyond, which is what you have to do when working for a bank.

Question #3: What challenges are we likely to face within the banking industry in the next five years?

Now, it’s no secret that the banking industry is facing lots of changes and lots of challenges. So this assesses your understanding of what’s going to happen, because if you’re working for a bank, you have to embrace the changes that are coming. That’s really important. Below is a perfect example answer to this question that anyone can use.

“I feel the challenges will be many and varied. First and foremost as we move more away from a cashless society, and more online and digital banking, the need for physical high street banks may diminish. Therefore logistically, there will be a challenge to ensure you meet the needs of your customers remotely and also online.

I also feel that there are more and more banking apps becoming available, which means customers have more choice, this challenge means the people you employ in positions like the one I’m being interviewed for today, have to increase the level of service offered to your valued customers to ensure they stay with the bank long-term.

Now, although there are many other challenges, I also feel the threat of fraud and hacking will continue to increase, and this means the bank has to stay one step ahead of the game to protect your customers investments and to also safeguard their accounts.”

So that answer demonstrates you have knowledge of what challenges the financial industry are facing right now and are likely to continue to do so. It also shows that you have a keen interest in the industry.

Question #4: What skills and attributes do you have that are a perfect fit for our banks values?

So before going for the interview, you would need to know the values or find out what the values are of the bank. Below is a perfect example answer to this question that anyone can use.

“I am entirely customer-focused in everything I do, and I will always make sure I put your customers first in all of my day-to-day activities. I am also someone who can work calmly under pressure, and I am able to deal with difficult or frustrated customers in line with your customer service charter and your guidelines.

Other key skills and attributes I possess are the ability to follow rules and procedures, an ability to learn and retain large amounts of job specific information and also an ability to work as part of a team to complete difficult and complex tasks.”

That’s another really good example answer.

Question #5: How would you deal with a member of the banking team who was being unfriendly towards a customer?

This is tricky question. How would you answer that? Below is a perfect example answer to this question that anyone can use.

“I would most probably go over and say something whilst maintaining a professional and positive attitude. The bank’s values must be adhered to at all times and if I could help out in any way to save the situation from becoming even more unfriendly, then I would do something about it.

In terms of what I would say, I would walk over and ask if there was anything I could help out with. I feel simply by showing my presence, my work colleague would most probably stop being unfriendly.

After the event, I would then speak to my colleague in private to explain to him or her how important it is to make sure they abide by the bank’s code of conduct in respect of speaking to, and treating all valued customers fairly and professionally.”

So that’s a good example answer that shows that you will take action.

Thank you very much for reading this article and I wish you all the very best in your pursuit to passing your banking interview.

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