In this article you will learn “21 easy to remember answers to difficult interview questions.” So if you have a job interview coming up either in the next hour or the next day, or next week, this post is for you.


  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #1: Tell me about yourself.


“I am a self-motivated, driven, and conscientious person who wants to have a successful career. I have a track record of achievement, which means I can quickly make a difference to the team I am a part of.

I have the skills, knowledge, and experience to match the job description, and if you hire me, it will be my aim in this role to learn everything quickly so I can add value to your team.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #2: Why do you want this job?


“I want this job because it is a role that I am passionate about, it is with a company that has strong values and supports its staff, and it is a job where I feel I can grow and develop for many years to come.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #3: What are your strengths?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “My strengths include my ability to collaborate effectively with others to achieve a common goal, to go above and beyond what is expected in my work, and my willingness and desire to take on duties that are outside of my comfort zone.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #4: What’s your biggest weakness?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “My biggest weakness is the fact I have trouble asking other people for help. However, I am the type of person who wants to improve and I will always willingly take on feedback and advice from my managers.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #5: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “I see myself hopefully still working for you either in this role or having gained advancement to a more senior level. In 5 years’ time, I will have undertaken numerous internal training development courses and be seen as a trusted and productive member of the team.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #6: What can you bring to the company?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “I can bring a positive Can-do attitude that will rub off on others in my team. I can bring a creative mindset that will help you come up with new ideas to increase sales and profitability, and I can bring a desire to continually grow and develop in the role.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #7: Why do you want to work for this company?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “I want to work for your company because you have a track record of success and I will feel proud to work for you. I also want to work for your company because you have a good reputation amongst your customers and I feel I will be supported in my work to be the best version of myself possible.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #8: (i) What’s your greatest achievement? (EXPERIENCED)

EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “My greatest achievement was helping my last employer increase sales despite a difficult economic climate. We achieved an increase in sales by looking at innovative ways to promote our products online, and by engaging more closely with our already established customer base.”

  • (What’s your greatest achievement? (for those people who have no previous work experience i.e FRESHERS)

EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “My greatest achievement to date was successfully completing my academic studies, getting the grades I wanted whilst at the same time holding down a part time job that helped pay for my education.

It was a great achievement because it was the first step in me being able to apply for this job with your company.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #9: Why do you want to leave your job?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “I want to leave my job because I feel I have reached my full potential with my employer and I’m looking to progress with a new and innovative companies such as yours, where my skillset, expertise, and knowledge will be put to good use.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #10: Tell me about a time when you made a mistake.

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “When I first started working in a previous role, I didn’t listen to my manager’s brief, and I ended up making a foolish mistake whilst carrying out a task. As soon as I realized I had made the mistake, I apologized to my manager, I immediately put things right and I made sure the same mistake never happened again.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #11: How would you deal with conflict with a co-worker?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “I would assess my own actions first to see if I were making the conflict worse. I would then speak to my coworker in private to find an amicable way forward that was based on the needs of my team.

Conflict in any team is not helpful and I will do all I could to rectify it.”

  • INTERVIEW QUESTION #12: Describe yourself in 3 words?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer:I would describe myself as trustworthy, self-motivated, and commercially aware. Trustworthy because I will always do a great job for you and represent the business positively self-motivated because I need little supervision, and commercially aware because I know I need to do a great job in this role to help your business beat its competitors.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #13: What motivates you?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “I am motivated by three things achieving goals, continuous progression, and supporting my family. My current goal is I am saving up for a deposit to buy a house. If I get this job, it will help me to achieve my goal.

This is also a job where I feel I will be able to continually progress whilst at the same time support my family.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #14: Why should we hire you?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “You should hire me for three reasons. Reason number one is because I already have the skills and qualities to match the job description. Reason number two is because I am a fast learner and I will need little supervision or monitoring moving forward.

Finally, reason number three is because I am confident I can add value to your team, which means you will see a positive return on your investment.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #15: When have you shown flexibility at work?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “In my previous job, my manager needed someone to stay behind late after work to check in a delivery that was due to arrive after 05:00 p.m. I knew how important this was to the business, so I canceled my evening plans, I stayed behind late and I checked in the delivery once it arrived at 06:00 p.m.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #16: Tell me about a time when you failed.

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “When I first started work, I undertook an online training course in a subject I felt I knew a lot about. Because of my arrogance, I didn’t put enough work into the course and I ended up failing.

I was dismayed; I apologized to my supervisor for failing, and I studied hard in preparation for the end of course exam retake.

I learned a lot from that experience and I made sure I never failed a training course again.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #17: What do you like to do outside of work?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “Outside of work, I keep myself fit and active by walking regularly and by attending the gym several times a week. This helps me to maintain a positive mindset. I also enjoy spending time with my family, reading self-development books and also visiting friends.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #18: What makes you unique?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “I believe my attitude makes me unique. I am a positive person who believes you only get out of life what you are prepared to put in.

I believe there is opportunity in every difficult situation or challenge. There’s opportunity to learn, the opportunity to improve, and the opportunity to help others, which gives you a great sense of fulfillment.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #19: If you were an animal, which one would you want to be and why?

This is a tricky interview question to answer correctly.

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “I’d want to be a dolphin. Dolphins are great communicators, they are fast, they work great together, and they always appear to be smiling.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #20: What’s your ideal work environment?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “My ideal work environment is one that’s busy, where everyone supports each other in the team, where I can contribute ideas to the company, and where I can also undertake professional training development courses.”

INTERVIEW QUESTION #21: Do you have any questions for us?

‘EASY-TO-REMEMBER’ Answer: “Yes, I do. I just have three questions:

  • How has the company evolved over recent years?
  • What’s the first thing you would want me to concentrate on in this role?
  • What are the next stages of the process and when could I contact you to find out the results of my interview?

So there’s 21 easy to remember answers to difficult interview questions.

Thank you so much for reading this article and I wish you all the best for passing your interview.

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