10 Best Online Degree Universities in the World 2021

As a result of online universities and colleges, higher education has been made easier and more accessible. There are many Universities in the world today offering Online Degrees into different courses like Computer Science Degrees, Business Degrees, Public Health Degrees, Data Science Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, Bachelor of Computer Science, MS Electrical Engineering, Bachelor Completion Degree, etc.

Now, you have no excuses regarding acquiring that degree or going for that certificate because you can actually acquire that at the comfort of your home. The basic tools you need are just your internet enabled personal computer, pen and paper for jotting down points and your ability to sit at a place and learn.

Online Degree

According to definition from Wikipedia, an online degree is an academic degree that can be earned primarily or entirely through the use of an Internet-connected computer, rather than attending college in a traditional campus setting.

Online Degree is similar to taking a degree program on campus, but you have the freedom to direct your own study schedule. You can do online degree as regular program or as part time program. Your school and your course instructor will determine the format for each individual course and select delivery methods that are best suited for your course or program.

Online universities are cheaper, together with other values which make them your best bet to acquiring your degree programme. With online universities, you can balance life’s pressing demands like work and catering for your children, while studying.

10 Best Online Degree Universities in the World 2021

In this post, you will know about the best online universities in the world. Brief information on their cost, reasons to choose an online university and every other guideline on how you can succeed in these universities while sitting at the comfort of your home, pressing your computer, is been detailed below.

Below are the best online degree universities in the world:

1. UMass Online University

UMass has about 113 online programmes in their portfolio and about 12 more that can be accessed both online and on-campus. The university is specifically for masters studies and their programmes centre around business administration, nursing and public health programmes. The online programmes are taught by the same professors who handle the on-campus programmes. Upon graduation, students are given the opportunity to come to the campus. They also have access to library resources and academic counseling.

The tuition for UMass Online University is between $125 and $1980/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the UMass Online University.

2. University of Missouri

There are over 90 online degree and certificate programmes offered by the University of Missouri. Out of the 90, 9 are bachelor’s degree programme. Students are required to participate on-campus tests and hands-on learning. The same faculties that teach on-campus learning also handle online programmes. The semesters last between 8 and 16 months, though it is solely dependent on your choice of course. Also, the studies are open schedule and you can learn at your own pace. Additionally, students are taught using Blackboard, Moodle and Sakai to allow them easy access to the classes.

Tuition is $276/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the University of Missouri.

3. University of Oklahoma

There are numerous bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the University of Oklahoma and they include Liberal Studies, World Cultural Studies, Administrative Leadership, and more. The online programmes are taught by over 100 experts in diverse fields. Students are assigned an advisor that would help to create a graduation plan for the students in order to speed up their learning process. University of Oklahoma is an accredited university and also favours those who wish to study while working or those with a family to take care of.

The tuition for the online programme is $306/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the University of Oklahoma.

4. Mississippi State University Online Education

The university is designed to suit graduate students. There are various bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes offered at the Mississippi State University Online Education. Students who transfer from another accredited university must have up to 61 credits for the university to recognize such students. Lectures, here, are organised through Blackboard which is an organized systematized programme for learning.

Furthermore, online students who qualify for financial aids are also offered the privilege. This is, in addition, to various scholarship programmes offered to students. The university also imposes in-state tuition rate to all students, irrespective of their state of residency.

Tuition is $333/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the Mississippi State University Online Education.

5. Liberty University

Liberty University is owned by Christians and so, classes are taught from the perspective of Christianity. The university offers more than 250 online courses at all higher levels that include certificates, associates, bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes.  There are more than 95 000 students who offer these online programmes at Liberty University and also enjoy the same quality of education as those who study on-campus.

Tuition is 390/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the Liberty University.

6. Northern Arizona University (NAU)

Northern Arizona University offers both bachelors and masters programme which include hospitality, engineering, administration, communication, and so on. It is an asynchronous online university and flexibility of schedule is offered to online students. The online portal is open for students who wish to study at any time of the day. It is accredited by Northern Central Association of Colleges and Schools, while being recognized for their high research activity by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

Tuition is $425/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the Northern Arizona University.

7. University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota offers bachelors, masters, doctoral and post-baccalaureate programmes on different online courses such as accounting, management, communications, and so on. There are also several hybrid programmes offered by the school where students can study partially online and on-campus.

Just like on-campus students, online students have access to academic advisor and numerous resources offered by the University of Minnesota Online Education. Assignments and tests are organized through Moodle, with some lectures being accessed on the school’s iTunes account.

Tuition is $92.31/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the University of Minnesota.

8. New Mexico State University (NMSU)

New Mexico State University offers its programme and helps you to derive the satisfaction that on-campus students enjoy. Their programmes include certification, bachelors and masters programmes. There are over 15 000 students enrolled in this online programme. The school has also received recognition from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Tuition is $221.80/course work. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the New Mexico State University.

9. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes for students who choose to study online. There are also various post-graduate certificate programmes which include software engineering, soil management and wind energy. The university uses Blackboard to facilitate their programmes and make learning fun for students.

Tuition is $822.17/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the Texas Tech University.

10. University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati offers above 70 degree and certificate programmes in various academic fields like early childhood education, radiation science technology, criminal justice, and so on. It also offers online masters programme in different fields like education, taxation, pharmaceutical sciences, and so on. You will also have access to online orientation, library resources, tutoring and academic advising.

Tuition is $459/credit hour. You can use search engines like google to find out more about the University of Cincinnati.

Online university programs make university more accessible to a much larger population than traditional on-campus learning. Thanks to technology, as you can earn an online associate degree, online bachelor’s degree or online master’s degree without having to sacrifice your job or time caring for your family.

How do you choose the best online university or college for you?

In the world of online education, there are no overall best online universities or colleges or online degree program. But there is a best option for you. You need to ask yourself these five questions to begin the search for the best online universities and colleges for you:

  • What do you want to do with your degree?
  • What degree level do you want to earn?
  • What majors will help you achieve your career goals?
  • How much flexibility do you need?
  • How much can you afford to spend on an online degree program?

Note: When you understand what you want out of a particular degree, you can make educated choices about which schools and programs will give you an acceptable return on investment.


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