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Having a passion for studies is very essential for building a bright future. Most developed countries have spent lots of money on restructuring their educational sector. Japan, which is rated as one of the best-developed countries in the world, is widely known for its high productivity in technology. Interested students with high intention to study in Japan now have the opportunity to apply for Global Engineering Scholarship Program for Inclusive society and Sustainable Environment in Aviation at Tokyo Institute of Technology, International Merit Award At Temple University, University of Tokyo Japanese Government Scholarship 2020, etc

The Asian nation is one of the best places to study abroad due to its high standard of education. It currently provides accommodation for more than 150,000 thousand international students studying on its premises, with a lot of fantastic experiences. Japan provides an unparalleled opportunity to work, earn and also explore varieties of culture.

How to apply for Japanese government scholarship? Japan’s institutions allow all international students to learn the Japanese Language. Its inhabitants are regarded as one of the most peaceful sets of individuals all over the universe. The health facilities for international students are top-notch, making schooling in the country a desirable experience for all international students.

Without further ado, below are the current scholarship programs available for all international students in Japan.

Global Engineering Scholarship Program for Inclusive society and Sustainable Environment in Aviation at Tokyo Institute of Technology

The Global Engineering Scholarship Program for Inclusive Society and Sustainable Environment in Aviation aspires to educate individuals, with the target of producing global engineers who have the ability to communicate with other engineers in related field of studies, with the perspective to co-create and manage large projects in order to achieve an inclusive society for integrating developing countries.

Students are to undergo their courses at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The Tokyo Institute of Technology consists of various departments; all applicants can apply to any field of studies highlighted below.

  • *Civic and Environmental Engineering
  • *Tran- disciplinary Science and Engineering
  • *Master in Arts
  • *Master in Science
  • *Doctorate of Engineering
  • *Doctorate of Science
  • *Doctorate of Philosophy

Entry requirements for international students

  • *The person who has successfully completed his/her high school outside Japan or who are expected to do so before the admission date
  • *An international student who is a graduate from any Universities or Colleges in Japan
  • *A person who has successfully completed 3 years or more of education at a university or college outside Japan and had obtained a degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree or who is expected to finish before the admission date.
  • *Candidates who have spent at least one year as a research student in any university within or outside Japan after a successful Bachelor’s Degree
  • *Person who is at least 22years of age before the admission date.

How To Apply

For more information and application procedure, visit https://www.titech.ac.jp/english/graduate_school/international/scholarships/

Deadline: The registration process is open from around April-November 2020


International Merit Award At Temple University, Japan

The International Merit Award At Temple University is an educational award in Japan that is wide open for low-income international students who wish to continue their studies in one of the Japanese institutions but lack the financial strength to sponsor their degree programs.

The program will take place at Temple University, which is the oldest and one of the top universities in Japan. The institution offers numerous scholarship programs in diverse undergraduate courses, including Masters and Doctorate programs.

Eligibility for International Merit Award At Temple University

  • *Applicants must be from external countries
  • *Applicants are allowed to apply for any of the courses offered by the university
  • *Every international applicant will be given a preferred center of studies.
  • *Candidates must complete a high school or equivalent qualification to be eligible for a Bachelor’s Degree course.
  • *Non-native English speakers are required to take an English language test.
  • *Applicants must possess a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and above for those applying for the Master’s Program.

How To Apply for International Merit Award At Temple University

To participate in this program, all candidates must apply for admission to an Undergraduate Degree Program at any university. After completing that, they will be granted automatic consideration for the merit grant according to the eligible qualities stated above. http://www.tuj.ac.jp/ug/admissions

All applicants are expected to forward their letters of recommendation, personal copies of awards/ honors or scanned copies, with any other relevant documents demonstrating their exceptional qualities to [email protected]

Benefits for International Merit Award At Temple University

The award is divided into three categories as listed below:

  • Diamond Scholarship: This covers up to 50% of the full-tuition fees.
  • Dean scholarship: This will take care of 50% of the full tuition fees for two consecutive semesters, relying on the maintenance of GPA of 3.0 and above.
  • TUJ scholarship: This is a one-time discounted matriculation fee.

Deadline: The deadline for this offer is put on September 31, 2020


The University of Tokyo Japanese Government Scholarship 2020

Japanese Government Scholarship 2020: This scholarship is backed by the Japanese Government with the mission of attracting outstanding international students to complete their undergraduate programs as well as to support low-income students for Master’s and Doctorate Degree programs

Tokyo University is a Japanese public research university and one of the most prestigious institutions in Japan. The university provides admission into Science, Engineering and Art faculties, offering several courses in each of the mentioned departments.

Benefit for The University of Tokyo Japanese Government Scholarship 2020

The scholarship program will provide a monthly stipend of 144,000 Yen to Master’s student and 145,000 Yen for Doctorate student.

Eligibility for The University of Tokyo Japanese Government Scholarship 2020

  • *All International students are open to apply
  • *Applicants should not be more than 35 years old.
  • *Candidates for Master’s and Doctorate Degree are required to apply for their relevant fields of study at Bachelor’s Degree level.
  • *Applicants must be healthy physically and mentally enough to pursue their studies
  • *Candidates must meet certain requirements set by MEXT alongside decent academic records.

How to apply for Japanese government scholarship?

Candidates are mandated to begin their application for the Master’s or Doctorate program at the University. Following that, they are required to submit their application form with some specific details to [email protected]

Note that all application forms should contain a study and research plan, alongside a letter of recommendation from the Dean of Faculty and passport photographs. All relevant documents must be sent to the email provided above. Moreover, applicants must also have a GPA of 3.0 or more in their recent years of study and are required to maintain that point throughout their programs

Language Requirement: Candidates have required a pass in TOEFL or IELTS tests to demonstrate English ability.

Deadline: The deadline for submission of application form is October 10, 2020.


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