How To Write A Convincing CV When You Change Jobs Too Often

Changing jobs too often can be a weak point in curriculum vitae. This is often a source of worry for many job seekers. This would definitely weaken a CV. That is because employers would not view you as a reliable or trustworthy employee. Your CV becomes less attractive and you need help to get past this horrible experience.

Have you ever imagined that changing jobs often can even be a selling point? If properly addressed, it can even enhance your CV. You should be quick to diligently point out how holding different positions even within a short time has added to your skill set and experience. This is the way to wriggle out of this situation. This variety of experiences when properly harnessed can even give you an edge over others.

In writing a selling CV under this condition there is a basic step to take. The first issue to grapple with is to answer the question of ‘Purpose’. Identifying the purpose for which you are writing is paramount. This would often sound like a very simple question.

Unfortunately, it is not always properly answered in most CVs. Providing the required answer to this question is necessary. That is the only way you can adequately tailor your CV with the relevant skills that solve the challenges of the job.

Writing a selling CV is like convincing a new customer to buy a novel product. The aim is to first of all get you an interview. It is your very first impression and attempt towards landing your dream job. So, even as a job hopper you must sell the necessary points to convince your potential employer. With a disjointed CV that fails on this, getting an interview is a great impossibility.

Writing a convincing CV

If you are someone who changes jobs too often, the very first positive approach towards it is to change your mind set over it. Employers may not see someone who changes jobs too often as being committed and dedicated.

In as much as employers would be looking out to see your achievements over a long time with your job, you can still adapt your CV to favour you. They are equally advantages attached to changing jobs frequently. This shouldn’t be a death sentence because it seems to have become common place, after all. Job hopping is more common among the younger workforce.

With this trend employers are beginning to see reasons. They now understand that hopping on jobs can be as a result of flexible work time set by employers themselves. Another strong reason is working on contractual basis.

As a result, employers who are following the trend in the labour market are even desirous of employees that can adapt to quick changes in a fast changing world. As a job hopper, having this at the back of your mind when writing a CV would help you a lot. Let us now examine three necessary ways to tackle this, viz:

1. Mark out a strong agenda

It is important to mark out a strong agenda. This agenda should be made strategic at the beginning of your CV. It should point out the reasons for your frequent job changes.

It would be dangerous to leave a recruiter in the dark over the reasons for your frequent job changes. Allowing him to surmise one himself may spell out danger. You should point out the diverse skills and experiences you have gained by working with a lot of different establishments. Working with different companies of different sizes is an advantage.

Also, being under different styles and kinds of management would have shaped and sharpened your leadership acumen. You should be quick to point out that these different roles have eventually shaped you into a better prepared employee. You are now laden with fresh concepts and innovative ideas that would help you adapt in a fast changing society.

You can even point out these frequent changes to be deliberate. You can flout them as means of learning different experiences. This should feature in summary on your personal profile. You should then examine how the diverse skills and experiences have helped prepare you for the job in view. Also, you should express readiness to work on a long-term basis.

2. Market the diverse skills acquired

In your skills arsenal are varied experiences and discoveries. This is as a result of haven taken a lot of roles. You should learn to use this to your advantage.

Under your employment history point out each position held. Highlight your experiences for every role. Then, you should point out knowledge gained that would be relevant to the job in view. As an example, if you have worked as a sales representative, mention the customer service skills you have gained from it.

With the job you are applying for in view, mention the important skill set you have acquired from your different roles that would be relevant. The importance of amending your diverse skills to fit into the job you are applying for should never be overlooked.

Haven had a lot of different roles within a short period of time have exposed you to a lot of different skills and experiences. You might have even discovered more things than other candidates. These could be relevant to the job in view.

3. Finish with a resounding conclusion

The first point is to mark out a strong agenda. After that you highlight the key skills you have learned that would be relevant for the job in view. Nevertheless, it would be tactless to stop there. Provide a resounding conclusion to your CV even as a job hopper.

Sometimes applicants overlook conclusions. Some erroneously believe that haven provided a personal profile at the beginning the concluding part may not be highly necessary anymore. Still, it is important to conclude your CV decisively. To make it resounding it should be structured as a professional objectives section.

This professional objective section should include just a few lines. It should equally come at the end of your two page application document or CV. The gist is this: Haven taken the recipient on a detour of whom you are, it is now time to bring him back home to those key skills in your personal profile.

Finally and most importantly, do not fail to reconfirm and reassure your potential employer of your commitment and dedication. These two terms should feature prominently in your conclusion. This is very important in order to establish trust. Moreso, as you have been moving too often over a lot of different jobs.


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