10 Awesome Opportunities To Study Online On Scholarship

All over the world people seek opportunities that would enable them study with the ability to choose how and when they engage in their studies. This would in turn give them the privilege to embark on other businesses.

No doubt this has informed the increase of opportunities to study online. Moreso, when some of these opportunities come with scholarships. There are quite a good number of distance learning opportunities that come with full-funded scholarships. This article 10 Awesome Opportunities To Study Online On Scholarship. will consider a few of them.

1) The American University Online Program Scholarship

10 Awesome Opportunities To Study Online On Scholarship

Immediately upon being admitted students are automatically considered for all available scholarships. These scholarships place a lot of importance on students of great academic prowess and who have demonstrated excellent leadership qualities. The American University also offers scholarships to well-deserving students on graduate online studies.

As a criteria for the award of these scholarships, the totality of the application file will be put under review. These criteria include strong leadership qualities, remarkable academic achievements and professional experience.

In order to retain these scholarships, students must maintain good academic records throughout the length of the program. The Online Merit Scholarship decisions are usually made the moment students are admitted or shortly after. The American University will notify the students accordingly.

2) Berklee Online Music Scholarship

In partnership with an ever-increasing list of artists, Berklee organizes online undergraduate certificate scholarships for their most promising students. This they believe would help the students achieve their goals as music icons. These artists support the scholarship through their musical works. Berklee is proud to be in partnership with these well-meaning artists.

This Celebrity Online Scholarship is worth $1497. This amount will be awarded to be used by student recipients as tuition for their online course.

Every term,a total of 16 scholarships are awarded to Berklee students who are studying for this Berklee online undergraduate certificate scholarship.

For students to be eligible for this scholarship, the student must not have been on a Berklee Celebrity Online Scholarship before and must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7. The student must also be enrolled as an online student. The student must also be recommended by an instructor and must be enrolled for Certificate Program.

3) John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Welch Scholarship

This scholarship is open to online or part-time students who are studying for a Master of Public Health. This scholarship is designed for students who are currently working with organizations in a particular line of job. This include organizations who deal on adolescent health risks and in the food system that study obesity. This list is extended to include organizations working on violence and addictions.

This scholarship is full-tuition and students receive little stipend. The recipients upon graduation must be ready to work with the sponsoring organization for at least one year.

4) The University of Edinburgh Online Distance Learning Scholarship

These scholarships offered by the University. They are meant for specific kind student. These include part-time students and online students who are enrolled for postgraduate programs.

There is a long list on this scholarship menu. Students should take time to go through them and choose which is appropriate for them. They include:

  • The David and Molly Pyott Foundation Scholarships in Ophthalmology
  • The Anne Rowling Clinic Regenerative Neurology Scholarships
  • Online Commonwealth Scholarships: One Health, One Medicine
  • The Glenmore Medical Online Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Edinburgh Surgery Online: Patient Safety and Clinical Human Factors
  • Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund Scholarships
  • Richard Davidson Award
  • Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships
  • Online Commonwealth Scholarships: Surgical Online Learning

5) The University of Manchester Online Scholarships for Master of Public Health

This online distance learning master’s program runs for 3 to 5 years on a part-time basis.

These scholarships are merit-based and are also given on Equity. These scholarships are meant for students who have achieved academic excellence. The recipients must also be ready to make meaningful impact in the sustainable development of their respective countries of origin.

The scholarships are meant for students who would otherwise not be able to sponsor their way through a Manchester University degree. The applications are reviewed equally and over full-tuition.

6) Penn State World Campus (Online) Scholarships

World campus simply means ‘online’. This scholarship is meant for world campus or online students. The scholarship is both available for full-time and part-time study programs. They are very highly competitive scholarship programs that can be undertaken online.

For a student to qualify for this scholarship, the student must first submit a single application which would include an online scholarship registration. The student must also be a enrolled for a degree program in the Penn State World Campus undergraduate degree program.

7) University of London LLM Scholarships

In collaboration with the Canon Collins Trust, these scholarships are offered to students from various parts of the world for postgraduate online degree program. The scholarship is available to students to complete an online Master of Laws degree program and is open to students from South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

To qualify for this scholarship, the candidate must already be working part-time or full-time. The candidate must also be ready to commit at least 10 hours to studies every week. Call successful candidates will receive waivers for tuition and exam fees.

8) Washington University State Global Scholarship

This scholarship is usually awarded based on academic excellence, demonstrated financial need and meritoriousness.

The Associated Students of WSU Global Campus(ASWSU) in partnership with WSU Global Campus offer scholarships exclusively meant for World Campus (that is, online) study programs. The scholarship amounts to $1000 per semester and is awarded to both new and continuing students who are enrolled into the WSU Global Campus (ie, online) program.

9) Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship

This is an online degree program that is meant for citizens of Commonwealth group of developing countries. The program is meant for Masters degree distance learning students.

The online scholarship program consist of courses that would be taken over the internet. The scholarships could be offered directly at the UK University or in affiliation with partnering universities in developing countries.

10) Western Governors University Scholarships

this scholarship program of various online bachelor’s degree master’s degree scholarships. Some of the scholarships are offered to well-deserving students in partnership with other organizations.

There are a lot of scholarships under this program and they come with different amounts. They include:

  • NURSES APPRECIATION SCHOLARSHIP, under the Health & Nursing Scholarships category, valued at $2,500
  • TEACHER APPRECIATION SCHOLARSHIP, under the Teaching Scholarships category, valued at $2,500
  • WGU LEADERS IN NONPROFIT SCHOLARSHIP, under the, Business Scholarships, valued at $2,000
  • BRIGHT FUTURE SCHOLARSHIP, under the, WGU General Scholarships, valued at $3,000
  • WGU CYBERSECURITY SCHOLARSHIP, under the, I.T. Scholarships, valued at $5,000


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